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Welcome to H & G Promotions, leading the way in conservatory &

window washing equipment

for all manner of applications.

From regular window washing to conservatory roof cleaning, we have a wide range of window washing equipment to suit every job in every location – from squeegees and brushes to water fed pole window cleaning kits - browse through our site and we’re confident we’ll have the solution to your window washing needs!

When it comes to conservatory & window washing equipment it’s true that you need the right tools for the job – and with our in-depth knowledge of window cleaning kits and accessories we have put together the best choice of window washing equipment we can – giving you a superb selection of window cleaning kits, together with the glass window cleaner products to use in them.

From gutter cleaning & solar panel cleaning to a full conservatory, our choice of telescopic water fed pole window cleaning equipment is second to none – like our 17 foot telescopic three-section pole – constructed from high quality anodized aluminium – making it light and strong with very little flexing – ideal for glass cleaner & conservatory roofs or hard to reach windows.

We’re proud to be able to offer complete window washing equipment solutions - making home window cleaning a significantly less frustrating affair. Don’t struggle with ladders and makeshift extensions – take a look through our site and you’ll see that getting the correct window cleaning kit isn’t anywhere near as expensive as you thought. When you consider the costs of paying a window cleaner, or the time it takes to do it yourself with the wrong window cleaning kit – we think you’ll be amazed how much easier it is with one of our water fed pole window cleaning systems – and cheaper than you’d think too!

For top quality conservatory & window washing equipment with fast, reliable delivery to your door – H & G Promotions are leading the way in all kinds of window cleaning kit. Find out more – call us today on 01299 266303 or email sales@hgpromotions.com we don’t mind weekend or evening calls, we know how frustrating it can be if you need a little advice or visit our contact page for more options.

If you need the telescopic window cleaning or conservatory cleaning system & live in N.Ireland or S.Ireland and any where North of an imaginary line between Glasgow and Edinburgh and any UK Island please email us for carriage rates before ordering as they can vary from our standard rates. Delivery of orders normally 2-4 days. We operate 7 days/ week. Collection by appointment only. Established 1979. In house design and manufacturing. Warehousing and distribution. 12 months guarantee included on all products. Prices plus VAT 20%

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A guide for the first time seller
Wednesday 20th February 2019


Customer feedback
Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Hi Robert,

 Thanks for sending the cleaner pole so quickly. It arrived on Friday and so we got stuck into it on Saturday and we are very impressed. Feel free to use below as a testimonial on social media or advertising.

 ‘We built a glass roofed veranda three years ago and hadn’t really thought about cleaning the glass. So far we have used an extending brush that has a water feed when attached to a hose. It was OK but hard work and the roof never got clean. We decided to buy something designed for the job and bought the Titan R1 from Robert at H&G Promotions. We didn’t really know what we were ordering and so added extras to the basic model. H&G rang to say that we had duplicated some items and was that right? They suggested they delete them and refund the £20 which they did. Very refreshing way to do business. When the pole arrived it is well made and strong but, more important, it works brilliantly. It isn’t heavy to use, the low water pressure needed uses less water and much less splashing. The roof has not been as clean since it was built and it is economical on the soap as well. With this system we are likely to clean the roof regularly now. We would highly recommend it and H&G.’

Thanks again for great service and great product.

Cheers, Peter

Biggest myths about window cleaning
Tuesday 24th April 2018

Window cleaning can be a tedious chore, however if done correctly you’ll be achieving professional spotless windows yourself. Myths have been created over the years some which are truth and some which are complete lies. Throughout this blog, we will look to help you gain knowledge and put some of the myths to bed.

 Never clean your windows in the sun

This myth surprisingly is true, the sun is bad when window cleaning! The heat from the sun creates the water to evaporate quickly on the glass. This result in nasty streaks and stripes, so unfortunately hold back from cleaning your windows in the sun, get in the paddling pool instead.

Newspaper and vinegar is the best option to clean windows

Everyone’s tried the old housewife tail of cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper, and then realised that it just doesn’t work as well as you thought it would have. This is because the vinegar is merely removing any marks, however it will not be able to eliminate wax or grease on the windows, using this method will only make the marks worse on the windows.

Rain makes them dirtier

This is false, contrary to belief rainwater does not make your windows dirty. The right amount and frequency of rain landing on the windows can actually keep windows cleaner for much longer. It’s actually ground water which is flicked up onto the windows that can continually make windows dirty, this is from all the minerals, chemicals and particulates in groundwater.

Boiling water is the best

Warm yes, boiling no! The water should just be warm enough to touch, this is because if the water is too hot the cleaning products that you put in will evaporate and their full effect will have gone.

 As summer is ever closer, there is more than reason for you to give the house a spring cleaning inside and out. With our products you will be able to get the best results, so contact us if you would like further details and call us on 01299 288372.

The benefits of regular window cleaning
Monday 26th March 2018

Having clean windows to look through every morning sometimes isn’t a priority for everyone. But not only does it give you a clear view, it can also have other great benefits for yourself and your home. Neglecting your windows can lead to harmful mould and bacteria begins to grow around the exterior frame, here are some of the benefits you will find when cleaning your windows is done regularly

Health Benefits: Creating a clean house space both internally and externally can have numerous of health benefits that you may not have thought about. Dirty windows can contain dust and dirt which has built up over time, this can then, unfortunately, found its way into your home which can harm people within who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Throughout the cold and dark winter months, clean windows give an extra boost to get you through these. Looking throughout your window into a cold and cloudy day can be hard enough without the added dirt and fingerprints. So the cleaning of the windows throughout this time can be extra important towards helping improve your mood.

Quality Appearance: Being the talk of the street for the wrong reasons is never good, especially if you’re known as the messy house on your road. Keeping up your appearance and giving your windows a regular clean, will make sure this doesn’t happen. This will also create a positive first impression for anyone visiting the home for the first time and gives them a nice welcoming environment.  Additionally, if you were looking to put your house on the market, having clean windows will give a positive indication to the potential buyers. They are able to see the house is in good condition from the minute they first set eyes on it and could even add pounds to the final closing price.

Giving your windows life: Replacement of windows is very expensive, so to prevent this from happening for as long as possible you must continuously clean your windows.

Heat retention: The UK struggles for heat at the best of times so by having dirty windows this prevents your home from utilizing the UV light, which stops the sun from giving heat out. If this happens, you may be then spending more money on keeping warm, when you could simply keep these costs down.

Enhance Productivity: In the modern world many employees are given the option to work from home, therefore having a clean room in which you work in will increase productivity and this includes the windows. If the room is messy then this can distract you from the work you’re required to do, before proceeding to work clean your area then this will keep your distractions at bay.  

With the limited resources and experience you may have you are still able to do a professional job with the right tools and equipment, here at H and G Promotions we have window and conservatory equipment for all manner of applications. Contact us today on 01299 288373 for a quick response

Winter Window Cleaning Tips
Monday 26th February 2018

Although we’re coming to the end of February there’s still no sign of winter releasing its icy grip, and there’s more bad news on the way as the weather forecasters are now telling us we should expect a polar vortex this week. It’s been freezing, but jobs around the house still have to be done, and window cleaning is one of those tasks that have to be completed, no matter how chilly the weather is outside. Be prepared for this and it doesn’t have to be as daunting as you might think. We suggest you do the following here at H&G Promotions Ltd.

Get everything ready so you are fully prepared – Before you start cleaning make sure you have all the supplies you need to successfully clean the windows so you can minimise the time you spend doing this. Use a window cleaning system and this will make the job quick and easy - you’ll be finished before you know it, and even the top windows of your house will be left sparkling afterwards. Complete window cleaning systems ensure you are fully prepared no matter how many windows you are going to clean, and they come with basic essentials such as squeegees, sponges as well as revolutionary items like the porcupine, which removes the toughest dirt using a soft head for flawless results.      

Wrap up warm – Get dressed for the occasion by wearing comfortable clothing that will keep you warm as you wash the windows. Layer up with clothing and this way if you become too hot as you vigorously work your way around the windows and the conservatory glazing at your home, you can simply remove a layer and tailor the clothing to suit how you feel. You might want to wear a warm hat if it’s really freezing outside, whilst sturdy boots with plenty of grip will be useful as the flooring around your property might be slippery.   

Use tepid water – Glazing can react to sudden changes in temperature, therefore, avoid using hot water to clean windows on really cold days as the initial shock could, in theory, cause the glazing to crack. That being the case, fill a bucket with water that’s served at room temperature and it will still clean the windows effectively without you having to worry about the glazing cracking or shattering.    

Try a super concentrate detergent – Cleaning windows in cold weather can be a miserable experience, so you want to do this as quickly and successfully as you can in one go if possible, to avoid having to repeat the process. The best way to guarantee this will happen is to use a super concentrate detergent for streak-free results with less hassle and no fuss.

Whilst window cleaning in the winter isn’t exactly fun, you can still achieve brilliant results and keep your home looking tidy and clean no matter how cold the weather is outside. Be brave and make sure you are fully prepared with window washing equipment from us here at H&G Promotions Limited. For more details, please contact us today or call for a friendly chat on 01299 288375

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