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Welcome to H & G Promotions, leading the way in conservatory &

window washing equipment

for all manner of applications.

From regular window washing to conservatory roof cleaning, we have a wide range of window washing equipment to suit every job in every location – from squeegees and brushes to water fed pole window cleaning kits - browse through our site and we’re confident we’ll have the solution to your window washing needs!

When it comes to conservatory & window washing equipment it’s true that you need the right tools for the job – and with our in-depth knowledge of window cleaning kits and accessories we have put together the best choice of window washing equipment we can – giving you a superb selection of window cleaning kits, together with the glass window cleaner products to use in them.

From gutter cleaning & solar panel cleaning to a full conservatory, our choice of telescopic water fed pole window cleaning equipment is second to none – like our 17 foot telescopic three-section pole – constructed from high quality anodized aluminium – making it light and strong with very little flexing – ideal for glass cleaner & conservatory roofs or hard to reach windows.

We’re proud to be able to offer complete window washing equipment solutions - making home window cleaning a significantly less frustrating affair. Don’t struggle with ladders and makeshift extensions – take a look through our site and you’ll see that getting the correct window cleaning kit isn’t anywhere near as expensive as you thought. When you consider the costs of paying a window cleaner, or the time it takes to do it yourself with the wrong window cleaning kit – we think you’ll be amazed how much easier it is with one of our water fed pole window cleaning systems – and cheaper than you’d think too!

For top quality conservatory & window washing equipment with fast, reliable delivery to your door – H & G Promotions are leading the way in all kinds of window cleaning kit. Find out more – call us today on 01299 266303 or email sales@hgpromotions.com we don’t mind weekend or evening calls, we know how frustrating it can be if you need a little advice or visit our contact page for more options.

If you need the telescopic window cleaning or conservatory cleaning system & live in N.Ireland or S.Ireland and any where North of an imaginary line between Glasgow and Edinburgh and any UK Island please email us for carriage rates before ordering as they can vary from our standard rates. Delivery of orders normally 2-4 days. We operate 7 days/ week. Collection by appointment only. Established 1979. In house design and manufacturing. Warehousing and distribution.

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Latest News

How to get your garden ready for summer
Monday 7th April 2014

As the weather warms up we’re all itching to get out into our gardens and enjoy them. If you really want to make the most of your garden during the summer months then springtime is the time to put the work in. A little forward planning and some hard work now means that you can enjoy the fruits of your labours in the summer.

  • Get rid of weeds: No one wants to spend a hot summer’s day on their hands and knees digging out weeds. Get it done in spring then you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the summer months.

  • Give your lawn some TLC: Spring is the perfect time of year to begin working on your lawn. Use a granular feed and make the most of those April showers to get your lawn looking lush and healthy. When summer comes all you’ll need to do is keep it trimmed, and water it occasionally.

  • Clean your patio: If you have a patio or decking area then now is the time to give it a clean. Remove any rubbish, dead leaves, fallen blossom etc and give it a blast with a jet wash to remove dried-on dirt and give it a new lease of life.

  • Add a splash of colour: Plant some colourful summery flowers in pots to complement your perennials. Clematis, Nasturtium, Verbena, and Geranium are all beautiful yet fairly low maintenance summer flowers that will brighten up your garden.

  • Grow your own: Plant things such as lettuce, carrots, potatoes, and strawberries now and you can enjoy your own home-grown food throughout the summer. Just imagine how nice a potato salad will taste with your own potatoes!

  • Tidy trees up: Trim back any trees or large bushes that have become a bit overgrown, particularly those that block out the sun. 

Folding garden barrow made in UK
Monday 24th February 2014

  • Here we have our latest folding wheel barrow, with solid twin puncture free wheels, designed and manufactured by ourselves, made of heavy duty welded steel painted frame and complete with quality washable detachable canvas bag with easy off quick release clips

  • Barrow can be adapted into a potting bench by fitting the included fabulous strong  plastic work tray across top of barrow in open position, suitable to pot on, flower arranging, pricking out seedlings, removing dead leaves from re pottings, has a wide slot to put waste into barrow bag and saves cluttering the tray work area

Supplying Met office to clean offshore installations
Saturday 22nd February 2014

We are proud to announce the latest contract to supply cleaning equipment to the Met Office, used in conjunction with their off shore installations. Meeting their exacting standards.

Centrica, British gas, sysems to clean sensors on gas platforms, North Sea
Saturday 22nd February 2014

Centrica have ordered and are using our cleaning systems with free standing 5 lt back packs to remove salt and spray from gas sensors mounted on gas drilling rigs in the  North Sea. If these sensors are not kept clean they can go off as a false alarm and shut a platform prodution down. H & G Promotions systems were chosen for their rugged and simple operation in treacherous conditons and professional over night back up service. We are proud to be associated with the British gas industry.

Cleaning equipment used by leading cider maker H.Weston & Sons Ltd
Thursday 20th February 2014

Henry Westons & Sons ltd, cider makers, have recently ordered our window & brush cleaning system to cope with high volumes of glass cleaning and with the add on brush for gentle removal of staining and atmospheric dirt on stainless steel tanks. Their Special Vintage Reserve Cider 8.2% is magnificent, I am addicted !! See their web site www.westons-cider.co.uk