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for all manner of applications.

From regular window washing to conservatory roof cleaning, we have a wide range of window washing equipment to suit every job in every location – from squeegees and brushes to water fed pole window cleaning kits - browse through our site and we’re confident we’ll have the solution to your window washing needs!

When it comes to conservatory & window washing equipment it’s true that you need the right tools for the job – and with our in-depth knowledge of window cleaning kits and accessories we have put together the best choice of window washing equipment we can – giving you a superb selection of window cleaning kits, together with the glass window cleaner products to use in them.

From gutter cleaning & solar panel cleaning to a full conservatory, our choice of telescopic water fed pole window cleaning equipment is second to none – like our 17 foot telescopic three-section pole – constructed from high quality anodized aluminium – making it light and strong with very little flexing – ideal for glass cleaner & conservatory roofs or hard to reach windows.

We’re proud to be able to offer complete window washing equipment solutions - making home window cleaning a significantly less frustrating affair. Don’t struggle with ladders and makeshift extensions – take a look through our site and you’ll see that getting the correct window cleaning kit isn’t anywhere near as expensive as you thought. When you consider the costs of paying a window cleaner, or the time it takes to do it yourself with the wrong window cleaning kit – we think you’ll be amazed how much easier it is with one of our water fed pole window cleaning systems – and cheaper than you’d think too!

For top quality conservatory & window washing equipment with fast, reliable delivery to your door – H & G Promotions are leading the way in all kinds of window cleaning kit. Find out more – call us today on 01299 266303 or email sales@hgpromotions.com we don’t mind weekend or evening calls, we know how frustrating it can be if you need a little advice or visit our contact page for more options.

If you need the telescopic window cleaning or conservatory cleaning system & live in N.Ireland or S.Ireland and any where North of an imaginary line between Glasgow and Edinburgh and any UK Island please email us for carriage rates before ordering as they can vary from our standard rates. Delivery of orders normally 2-4 days. We operate 7 days/ week. Collection by appointment only. Established 1979. In house design and manufacturing. Warehousing and distribution. 12 months guarantee on all products. Prices plus VAT 20%

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Latest News

How to build a simple brick wall in easy steps
Friday 20th November 2015

Building a small brick wall at home is relatively easy if you have the tools, the right materials and a little inside knowledge so you are aware of how to get it right. If you think you are up to the challenge follow our straightforward guide, it tells you everything you need to know.

Materials and equipment needed

Concrete (already mixed)

Mortar (mixed)




Plastic sheeting

Old wooden board


Spirit level

String and pegs

Hammer and chisel

Let’s begin!

  1. Start by digging a trench for the foundations, this should be about 300mm deep and 300mm wide for a small wall. Once you have the trench dug mix the concrete in the mixer, when it’s ready pour into the trench and pat it down firmly, then leave to dry with the plastic sheet over the mix. Leave for around three days to allow the concrete to form a hard base.

  2. Once the foundation is hard get the mortar ready. You can mix this on the old piece of board using the spade to mix the mortar with water. Once it’s smooth you are ready to start laying your first brick.

  3. Spread a layer of mortar across the centre of the foundations, apply mortar to one end of the brick and place it on the mortar with the hollow side facing upwards, It’s a good idea to use the string and pegs as a guideline at this stage, mark out a line across the base of the foundations. Continue adding bricks until you have you first layer in place.

  4. Build up layers of bricks to the required height staggering joins as you go along. Use half bricks to fill end gaps where necessary and check mortar levels are uniform as you go along, just tap the top of the bricks down with the end of your trowel.

  5. Carry on until you get to the top of your wall, at this point use a layer of bricks with the hollow facing down and you have finished the wall. Leave to dry.

Internet Browsers
Tuesday 3rd November 2015


As a valued customer, we strive to keep you informed of industry changes that may affect your purchase.

All major internet browsers (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) are changing the way that they validate website security certificates to ensure the highest security level for users when making payments. As a result of this change, you  may see security warnings (e.g. browser errors, security certificate warnings) on your web browsers when using a secure website. This will only happen if the website you are visiting is using an older security certificate.

To address this issue, Sage Pay (along with the majority of other payment gateways and online banking web sites) are updating web certificates for all payment pages and forms. 

Additionally, this change will not impact the majority of shoppers apart from a small fraction who are using very outdated browsers on old computers. These shoppers will not be able to transact on any payment processing or online banking facility which has made these industry-wide changes. Find out more. If you have problems please ring our office on 01299 266303 we can tyake transactions by phone.

Fun things to build in the garden
Wednesday 21st October 2015

If you like a spot of DIY there are plenty of projects to keep you busy in the garden as well as the home. Don’t be shy to try new projects, have fun building some of these ideas for example and give your family something to smile about...

  • Barbecue: Social soirees are more fun when you eat outside. Don’t bother with a budget barbecue set from a convenience store though, build your own ‘brick’ BBQ and it’ll last for years. Just build side walls and a back wall brick-by-brick and leave plenty of room for the grill. A DIY barbecue is the best place to burn burgers and get sausages sizzling.

  • Tree house: Here’s one for the kids. Got a decent sized tree in your garden? Why not build a tree house for the little ones? It’ll put your carpentry skills to the test and provide the kids with years of pleasure. Start with a surefooted base, add walls and a roof, don’t forget to nail steps to the tree trunk or attach a rope ladder to make access easier.

  • Summer house: What’s the perfect place to enjoy the delights of your garden? How about a summer house? Build a timber structure at the foot of your garden and create a tranquil retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of life. Summer houses are good to use as garden offices, workshops or studios as well.  

  • A fort: Instead of a tree house why not build a fort or a castle for the kids instead. Imagine how much fun they (and you!) can have in a wooden play house; add slides and swings to heighten their pleasure. Buy a kit pack or design your own fort from scratch, the kids will go ape and you’ll be in the good books for ages afterwards!

How You Can Make Your Garden Hedgehog Friendly
Tuesday 6th October 2015

One of the great joys of having a conservatory is that you can sit and watch the wonderful native wildlife that appears in your garden. The hedgehog is one of Britain’s most loved wild species, unfortunately becoming rarer due to diminishing habitat. By making your garden hedgehog friendly this autumn, not only will you increase your chances of seeing these lovely little animals come spring, you’ll give them a safe home for winter as they hibernate inside a hedge, in a pile of wood or under your garden shed.

Build a hedgehog a home

It’s probably a bit too late in the year now to start gardening for hedgehogs, but you can build a cheap and easy home for them before they hibernate. Simply get some old board and lean it against a log, fence or wall before covering it with leaves and soil. Put some branches and leaves on top to secure it against the wind. Finally, place some straw and dry leaves at the entrance to provide a safe, dry shelter for hibernation.

How to feed the hedgehogs in your garden

Apart from bread and milk, hedgehogs can be fed pretty much anything. Ideally, place a plate of cat food with finely chopped peanuts or peanut butter in your garden in the evening to avoid fly eggs. You will then need to clear away any remaining food in the morning.

Gardening for happy hedgehogs

There are many little ways you can both make your garden beautiful and hedgehog friendly, perfect for late summer evenings. One of the main things you can do is look for sleeping hedgehogs before you mow or strim any long grass in your garden. You may want to let some areas of your garden grow wild to provide them with a home. Compost heaps and piles of leaves also provide hedgehogs with a home. Plants that attract insects provide a perfect food source, as well as building a pond with shallow edges. This not only increases their food supply, but gives them a constant, easy supply of drinking water.

If you want hedgehogs in your garden, there has to be a way for them to get in first. They generally need a gap of about 5 inches to fit in. Alternatively, you could replace your fences with hedges. Finally, make sure any holes, drains and pits are securely covered so they don’t fall in.

By following these tips and advice, you’ll be able to sit and relax in your conservatory, watching these beautiful little creatures live a safe and happy life in your garden.

Gardening jobs for autumn
Tuesday 25th August 2015

We’re almost in September now, and soon summer will seem like a distant memory – if you can call three days of sun in two months summer that is! You’ve enjoyed all the gorgeous colours of your flowers in bloom this summer, and reaped the benefits of your home grown vegetables in your summer salads, but now it’s time to knuckle down and prepare your garden for the colder months.

Here’s our list of the jobs you should be doing in early, mid, and late autumn...

Early autumn

  • Bring any tender plants into your greenhouse or conservatory before the first frosts arrive.

  • Plant any evergreens or conifers now whilst the soil is still relatively warm.

  • Plant your spring bulbs now so that they can burrow down and be ready to bloom next year.

  • Plant your spring bedding – plants such as polyanthus and wallflowers.

Mid autumn

  • Tidy up your perennials, i.e. remove dead stems and leave the seed heads for birds to eat.

  • Plant any deciduous shrubs, climbers, and trees now.

  • If you have a new lawn, lay it now, providing the soil isn’t too damp.

  • Batten down the hatches and ensure that none of your plant pots etc can blow about and cause damage on windier nights.

Late autumn

  • Clear up any fallen leaves and add them to your compost bin.

  • Plant things like tulips and hyacinths now ready for next spring.

  • Plant roses, shrubs, and hedging plants that were sold with bare roots.

  • Take hardwood cuttings from your roses and shrubs.

  • Move any deciduous trees and shrubs after they have lost their leaves.

Hopefully by completing the relevant tasks on this list you’ll protect your garden during the harsh winter months, and you can expect a blooming garden again come spring!

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