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Welcome to H & G Promotions, leading the way in conservatory &

window washing equipment

for all manner of applications.

From regular window washing to conservatory roof cleaning, we have a wide range of window washing equipment to suit every job in every location – from squeegees and brushes to water fed pole window cleaning kits - browse through our site and we’re confident we’ll have the solution to your window washing needs!

When it comes to conservatory & window washing equipment it’s true that you need the right tools for the job – and with our in-depth knowledge of window cleaning kits and accessories we have put together the best choice of window washing equipment we can – giving you a superb selection of window cleaning kits, together with the glass window cleaner products to use in them.

From gutter cleaning & solar panel cleaning to a full conservatory, our choice of telescopic water fed pole window cleaning equipment is second to none – like our 17 foot telescopic three-section pole – constructed from high quality anodized aluminium – making it light and strong with very little flexing – ideal for glass cleaner & conservatory roofs or hard to reach windows.

We’re proud to be able to offer complete window washing equipment solutions - making home window cleaning a significantly less frustrating affair. Don’t struggle with ladders and makeshift extensions – take a look through our site and you’ll see that getting the correct window cleaning kit isn’t anywhere near as expensive as you thought. When you consider the costs of paying a window cleaner, or the time it takes to do it yourself with the wrong window cleaning kit – we think you’ll be amazed how much easier it is with one of our water fed pole window cleaning systems – and cheaper than you’d think too!

For top quality conservatory & window washing equipment with fast, reliable delivery to your door – H & G Promotions are leading the way in all kinds of window cleaning kit. Find out more – call us today on 01299 266303 or email sales@hgpromotions.com we don’t mind weekend or evening calls, we know how frustrating it can be if you need a little advice or visit our contact page for more options.

If you need the telescopic window cleaning or conservatory cleaning system & live in N.Ireland or S.Ireland and any where North of an imaginary line between Glasgow and Edinburgh and any UK Island please email us for carriage rates before ordering as they can vary from our standard rates. Delivery of orders normally 2-4 days. We operate 7 days/ week. Collection by appointment only. Established 1979. In house design and manufacturing. Warehousing and distribution. 12 months guarantee included on all products. Prices plus VAT 20%

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Latest News

Happy Christmas From H&G Promotions
Thursday 21st December 2017

It’s officially the last week before Christmas, and many of our customers will be taking a break over the holidays to spend quality time with their family and friends. Here at H&G Promotions, we’ll be enjoying the festivities as much as anyone, and reflecting on 2017, whilst looking forward to catering for your window washing needs in 2018.

This has been a busy year and a productive one, supplying conservatory, window washing equipment, and a variety of other products to countless customers over the past 12 months. We really appreciate your custom, and we look forward to working with you in the future as well, selling all of your favourite products, with fast and reliable delivery straight to your door.    

We hope you enjoy this very special season and have a really amazing time.  

From all the team here at H&G Promotions, may we take this opportunity to wish you a very ‘Merry Christmas’ and a healthy and happy New Year!   

Shrubs You Can Plant in November
Wednesday 29th November 2017

November is a critical month for the planting of fruit trees. Plant baby shrubs with bare roots during this month and they will thrive next year. Winter is classified as the ideal time to plant new trees due to it being the dormant season. You can plant them anytime between November and January as long as the ground isn’t frozen, simply aim for a mild day where possible. With regards to the types of species you can plant, we recommend all of the following here at H&G Promotions.

Apple Trees - Bare-rooted apple trees are perfect for a spot of winter planting. Put them in the ground at this time of the year and they won’t suffer from heat, drought, or be subjected to any type of stress. Plant them in November and you can expect ready-to-pick fruit by the following September.

Cherries and Plums - Both of these options are perfect for planting during November and anytime up to January. Gardening experts prefer to plant fruit trees in early winter when there is less chance of the ground freezing. Therefore, November makes the perfect month to get your cherries and plums planted.

Raspberries and Blackberries - Dig holes or make a few trenches, then plant canes of raspberries and blackberries ready for picking next summer. You can fill the holes afterwards with compost or nutrient-rich manure and watch as the plants grow and prosper when the weather gets warmer. 

Gooseberries - This is another popular type of berry to plant in November. Gooseberries are container-grown plants and perform especially well if you plant them in the ground at the start of the winter. You’ll be able to pick the fruits next year and include them in a variety of recipes, from chutneys to crumbles, and refreshing sorbets.  

With so many interesting bare-root fruit trees ready to plant this November, you really are spoilt for choice. Get busy in the garden at the start of winter, and should you require fruit pickers, pruners, or tree and bush sprayers, don’t hesitate to contact us here at H&G Promotions, or call us on 01299 288372.    

Thursday 26th October 2017

This is a useful review for gardening  resources.

The Damage Bird Droppings Can Have to Health, Property and Possessions
Wednesday 25th October 2017

Our telescopic, water-fed window cleaning system is the perfect solution if you want to remove seagull mess from windows. Reaching to upper floor windows, it can also be used on conservatories where it removes bird droppings with ease. Due to the acidic nature of bird droppings, they can often cause a number of problems and we reveal the common issues here.

Damage to Roofing Materials - Due to its acidic nature, bird mess can be caustic to certain types of materials, especially bitumen based products such as asphalt or coal-tar products. Popular as roofing materials, roofing felt can be in danger if droppings are left to accumulate on a roof, as the acid in the excrement will slowly start to eat through the surface layer.

Machinery Damage - Acidic bird mess can be problematic for industrial machinery such as air conditioning units positioned on the top of roofs. If left to accumulate, they can also create a slippery and dangerous area around this type of equipment, and make it hazardous for anyone that has to perform maintenance or repairs on the machinery.

Bodywork Damage - Bird poop on the bodywork of cars can be a major hassle if left untreated for too long. Not only will it harden onto the metalwork which makes it more difficult to remove, the acid can eat away at the protective layers of paint and gradually erode the colour, leaving a permanent mark afterwards. 

Scratches on Glass - Hardened types of bird mess can be difficult to remove from glazed areas too. There’s always a risk of scratching the glass if you try to scrub the mess away, so they need to be softened as much as possible by using plenty of water during the removal process.   

Of course, one of the best ways to prevent damage caused by bird droppings is to remove it as quickly as possible from all areas. If you want an effective seagull mess remover, get in touch with us here at H&G Promotions Ltd and we can supply this to you.  All you have to do is contact us today or call us on 01299 288374.

Give Your Greenhouse a Clean This Autumn
Wednesday 27th September 2017

As we head into the autumn, there are still plenty of jobs you can do in your garden to get it ready for next year. Cleaning the greenhouse is one task you might want to tackle, do this now before it gets too late and not only will you make it look great, you’ll winterise it at the same. When the nights get shorter and the weather gets colder, it’s time to get to grips with your greenhouse. Give it a detailed clean and make it perfect in time for the spring. Here’s what we suggest.

Remove shade painting– Make the most of the light levels in your greenhouse as the days grow shorter by removing any shade paint you might have etched on the glazing. This will allow the last few rays of sun to filter their way through into the greenhouse and give your plants some much-needed light.

Clean the glass – Once you have removed any shade painting from the glazing you can give the exterior a really good clean. Easy-to-use window cleaning equipment makes light work of this and leaves professional results with the minimum amount of effort.

Make running repairs – When you are cleaning the exterior of the greenhouse take a closer look for signs of physical damage.  If any panes are loose, fix them back into position, and replace broken panes to ensure your greenhouse is watertight over the winter.

Check the gutters – Clear out any gutters on your greenhouse whilst you are performing the outside clean. Remove any moss or dead leaves that might be present. Fail to do this now and it could cause a blockage in the future if they are left untreated. 

Tackle the inside – Once you are happy with the outside of the greenhouse, turn your attention to the inside. Remove dead plants, wipe down preparation areas, and give the interior a good sweep. Whilst you’re at it, wash the interior of the glazing so it’s totally sparkling from the inside out. You can wash any used but empty plant pots too, and get a few seed trays ready so you are ready to get planting in the spring.        

Follow this advice and your greenhouse will be totally prepared this autumn. If you need glass cleaning equipment, contact us here at H & G Promotions Ltd, or call to place your order on 01299 288371.

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