Window cleaning can be a tedious chore, however if done correctly you’ll be achieving professional spotless windows yourself. Myths have been created over the years some which are truth and some which are complete lies. Throughout this blog, we will look to help you gain knowledge and put some of the myths to bed.
Never clean your windows in the sun
This myth surprisingly is true, the sun is bad when window cleaning! The heat from the sun creates the water to evaporate quickly on the glass. This result in nasty streaks and stripes, so unfortunately hold back from cleaning your windows in the sun, get in the paddling pool instead.
Newspaper and vinegar is the best option to clean windows
Everyone’s tried the old housewife tail of cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper, and then realised that it just doesn’t work as well as you thought it would have. This is because the vinegar is merely removing any marks, however it will not be able to eliminate wax or grease on the windows, using this method will only make the marks worse on the windows.
Rain makes them dirtier
This is false, contrary to belief rainwater does not make your windows dirty. The right amount and frequency of rain landing on the windows can actually keep windows cleaner for much longer. It’s actually ground water which is flicked up onto the windows that can continually make windows dirty, this is from all the minerals, chemicals and particulates in groundwater.
Boiling water is the best
Warm yes, boiling no! The water should just be warm enough to touch, this is because if the water is too hot the cleaning products that you put in will evaporate and their full effect will have gone.
As summer is ever closer, there is more than reason for you to give the house a spring cleaning inside and out. With our products you will be able to get the best results, so contact us if you would like further details and call us on 01299 288372.