Glass in windows and conservatories quickly starts to look unsightly if you fail to clean it regularly. We know this at H&G Promotions and this is why we stock an extensive range of window cleaning equipment to keep glass sparkling through all seasons. Our DIY home window cleaning systems are just what you need for a quick and easy job. You can clean your windows to the highest possible standards using this equipment and some of the following tips might be useful too.
Make mildew a thing of the past
If you have regular problems with mildew on window frames, mix some bleach with laundry detergent and warm water then liberally apply to the affected areas wearing rubber gloves. Leave to stand for 10 minutes or so and rinse clean with clear water. The mildew should have disappeared! For stubborn areas, use a small sponge scrubber and apply the mixture using some good old fashioned elbow grease. To prevent this happening in the future, wipe away condensation with a leather chamois on cold winter mornings.
Say goodbye to streaks
Streaky windows spoil the appearance of your home. Prevent this by using a squeegee to remove water and cleaning detergent from the windows to leave smear-free results. Gradually move from the top to the bottom of the window using gentle sweeping strokes to clear the soapy water mix and your windows should be sparkling afterward.
Help dust disappear
Dusty window blinds are disgusting. Help to reduce the build up of dirt by spraying your blind with an antiseptic spray after you have cleaned them. This should prevent dust from accumulating as quickly on blinds and make them easier to clean in the future.
Of course, you can’t beat a good window cleaning system if you really want to keep the glass around your home spotless. We have all the cleaning solutions you need here at H&G Promotions including a comprehensive range of water fed window cleaning systems.
For more information about window washing systems or any of our cleaning products contact us today or call 01299 266303.