It’s that time of year again folks as we turn our attention to Christmas and all the fun of the festive season. Whether you feel ready for the big fella in the red suit to arrive or not, the countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun. Plan for the festivities well in advance and get ready to use a ladder and platform combination system to dress your home in this way.
Hang Outside Lights
A great way to make your home warm and welcoming this Christmas is to hang outside lights to the exterior of the property. Cheery and colourful, you’ll feel excited at the prospect of the festive season when you see lights twinkling away outside your home. You can clip the lights in place on various areas around your home including the porch, windows and roofline if you have a ladder that’s long enough. Use a ladder and platform system to hang lights up to 2.7 metres high. It also makes a useful platform or stepladder at lower levels.
Decorate Evergreens
If you have bushes and shrubs in your garden such as conifers and hedges why not decorate them with lights, baubles and other festive features? You could dress your evergreens with a selection of seasonal decorations and use a ladder and platform combination system to reach the highest parts of the shrubs. Have fun doing this and get into the Christmas spirit. It’s not just the inside of your home that could benefit from Christmas deccies this year.
Dress the Tree
Don’t struggle trying to dress an over-sized Christmas tree. Ladder and platform combination systems are the ideal accessory to assist you this year. You’ll get access to every single branch no matter how large your tree is, so buy that feature spruce for your hallway with extra confidence safe in the knowledge you have the means to make it look amazing.
Fit Stairwell Decorations
Adding decorations to stairwells is another way to make your home look festive this year. It doesn’t matter if your property has high ceilings or not, you can still reach walls to fit festive lighting, falling snowflakes and brightly coloured ornaments by using a ladder and platform combination system. Be as creative as you like and stay safe when reaching higher up areas knowing you have a sturdy platform beneath you.
Whatever you have planned decoration-wise this Christmas, if you need the right type of access equipment to dress your home impeccably, you can buy it right here at H & G Promotions Ltd.