Spraying a fruit tree with a general-purpose fungicide is the easiest way to deal with pests and diseases. Apple trees, for example, can suffer from any of these common nuisances if they haven’t received a liquid treatment.
Apple Canker -This is a disease caused by a fungus in the bark of the tree. The main symptoms of this condition are round and sometimes oval areas of dead bark that are sunken and recessed. The fruit on the tree is sometimes attacked and can rot or fall from the branches. The best treatment is to cut away the affected areas removing all dead wood until healthy tissue is exposed, then treat with wound paint afterwards.
Apple Scab – Visible as dark marks on the skin of the fruit or olive spots on leaves, apple scab is caused by a unique fungus that can sometimes cause the fruits to crack and spoil. Although light scabbing doesn’t affect the quality of the fruit, it can have a serious impact on commercial apple growers who might struggle to sell the fruit. Treatment includes pruning affected shoots, removing dead leaves and infected fruit.
Brown Rot – This is another fungal disease which manifests itself as a brown, spreading rot covering the fruit. Typically, the rot spreads outwards from wounds in the fruit and apples sometimes remain hanging in a mummified condition. Chemical and non-chemical treatments are used to control and stop the spread of the rot.
Honey Fungus – The scientific name for honey fungus is Armillaria and symptoms include root decay and white fungus between the bark and wood of the tree at ground level. Honey coloured toadstools often appear on infected stumps during the autumn and although there are no chemical remedies for the condition, non-chemical treatments include excavating and destroying infected roots and stumps.
Poor Fruiting – If your tree or bush fails to produce a good crop of fruit it can be classified as unproductive. Poor crops can be attributed to many things including birds eating the flowers, improper pruning, poor growing conditions, lack of pollinating partner or apple cultivator, frost damage, and poor weather during flowering which affects the activity of pollinating insects.
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