Buy a conservatory cleaning system from us here at H&G Promotions Ltd and make life easy. The best way to keep that conservatory sparkling is to clean it regularly, and we have the ideal solution to help you do this. Our water-fed conservatory cleaning pole makes short work of dirty glass and frames. With the minimum effort you can leave panels gleaming and glazed areas spotless, what better way to enjoy your conservatory each and every season?
To assist you, here are some tips to help you clean your conservatory with confidence. Do this for unbelievable results.
Clear gutters and drainpipes – If you have a sturdy stepladder, make sure it’s stable and climb up it to remove debris from your conservatory’s guttering. Leaves, mulch and plant materials have a habit of accumulating inside the gutter and this will need a thorough clean before you tackle anything else. Blocked gutters often create problems and water has trouble draining away. A thorough clean around the gutters will keep water moving freely and leave your gutters in perfect condition.
Clean the roof of the conservatory – Next clean the roof of the conservatory using the water fed system. This is easy thanks to the strong rigidity of the cleaning poles which make short work of dirt, grime and heavy staining. You can do this from ground level without the need of a stepladder, and the head of the cleaner gives good pressure, so cleaning is quick and efficient.
Wash the sides and wipe the framework down – Next, focus your attention on the glass at the side of the conservatory. Give this a detailed clean and don’t neglect the framework either which can easily be cleaned with warm water and a soapy detergent.
Once you have finished the outside, consider cleaning the inside of your conservatory, and should you require water fed cleaning systems, don’t hesitate to contact us here at H & Promotions Ltd. You can call us on 01299 288371.