There’s no need to feel daunted by conservatory cleaning, with the right tools and equipment this can actually be quite a straightforward task. Problems only occur when people choose the wrong products to clean conservatories, or set about the task without thinking about what they are doing, taking risks in the process.

Here we explain what you should do and what you should avoid if you are cleaning your conservatory at some point this year. Read these guidelines, and get in touch with us if you require conservatory cleaning equipment at any point.

Avoid Power Washers

Although it’s tempting to pressure wash your conservatory this type of forceful action should be avoided at all costs. The pressure involved can damage seals, the glass, or the framework of the conservatory, which could then result in a pricey repair. Instead of using a pressure washer, try a pole-fed water cleaner designed specifically for this task. Not only is this a safer solution, it leaves sparkling results and there’s no stretching or ladder climbing involved.

Never climb onto the conservatory

Under no circumstances should you consider climbing onto the glass roof of your conservatory. Even if the glass is toughened it could still break with the force of your weight causing serious injury. You can climb to roof height if required to brush debris off the glass, after which you could proceed to clean the conservatory using an approved, water-fed cleaning system.

Don’t forget the gutters

When you clean your conservatory make sure you remove unwanted debris from the gutters too. Moss, leaves and algae collect in guttering systems so they should be scooped out so rainwater can run away without any problems. Do this twice-yearly in the autumn and in the spring as part of your ongoing maintenance plan.

Regular cleaning will make you want to use your conservatory come rain or shine and we have the perfect product to make this task easy here at H & G Promotions.