As we head into the autumn, there are still plenty of jobs you can do in your garden to get it ready for next year. Cleaning the greenhouse is one task you might want to tackle, do this now before it gets too late and not only will you make it look great, you’ll winterise it at the same. When the nights get shorter and the weather gets colder, it’s time to get to grips with your greenhouse. Give it a detailed clean and make it perfect in time for the spring. Here’s what we suggest.
Remove shade painting– Make the most of the light levels in your greenhouse as the days grow shorter by removing any shade paint you might have etched on the glazing. This will allow the last few rays of sun to filter their way through into the greenhouse and give your plants some much-needed light.
Clean the glass – Once you have removed any shade painting from the glazing you can give the exterior a really good clean. Easy-to-use window cleaning equipment makes light work of this and leaves professional results with the minimum amount of effort.
Make running repairs – When you are cleaning the exterior of the greenhouse take a closer look for signs of physical damage. If any panes are loose, fix them back into position, and replace broken panes to ensure your greenhouse is watertight over the winter.
Check the gutters – Clear out any gutters on your greenhouse whilst you are performing the outside clean. Remove any moss or dead leaves that might be present. Fail to do this now and it could cause a blockage in the future if they are left untreated.
Tackle the inside – Once you are happy with the outside of the greenhouse, turn your attention to the inside. Remove dead plants, wipe down preparation areas, and give the interior a good sweep. Whilst you’re at it, wash the interior of the glazing so it’s totally sparkling from the inside out. You can wash any used but empty plant pots too, and get a few seed trays ready so you are ready to get planting in the spring.
Follow this advice and your greenhouse will be totally prepared this autumn. If you need glass cleaning equipment, contact us here at H & G Promotions Ltd, or call to place your order on 01299 288371.