Water fed conservatory cleaning equipment is very easy to use and leaves glass sparkling, but did you know you can use it to clean other items apart from your conservatory? Not only will it keep your conservatory nice and clean, you can also use the equipment on the following objects as well.
Solar Panels – Energy savings solar panels harvest the sun’s rays and convert light into energy which can be used to power the home. Exposed to the elements, a film of dirt often covers the panels but this can be washed off with conservatory cleaning equipment.
Greenhouses – Clean your greenhouse quickly and efficiently using conservatory cleaning equipment. You can wash every single pane and remove dirt, grime and bird droppings with very little effort and to the highest possible standards.
Poly Tunnels – If you like to grow your own but hate it when your poly tunnel gets dirty, give it a quick clean with conservatory cleaning equipment. It’s perfect for poly tunnels and you can use the equipment to keep the tunnel clean and hygienic.
Swimming Pool Cover – Outdoor pool covers are at the mercy of Mother Nature and can quickly start to look shabby once they become dirty and covered with garden debris. A quick clean with conservatory cleaning equipment will soon have your pool cover looking like new.
UPVC Cladding – PVC wall cladding, soffits and fascia boards can also be cleaned with conservatory cleaning equipment. A quick cleanse removes surface dirt and restores the pristine white appearance of UPVC products, leaving the plastic spotless afterwards.
As you can see, there are plenty of uses for a conservatory cleaning system and you can buy one direct from us here at H&G Promotions Ltd. For more information, click here or contact us today, you can also call us on 01299 288371.