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Customer feedback

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Hi Robert,

 Thanks for sending the cleaner pole so quickly. It arrived on Friday and so we got stuck into it on Saturday and we are very impressed. Feel free to use below as a testimonial on social media or advertising.

 ‘We built a glass roofed veranda three years ago and hadn’t really thought about cleaning the glass. So far we have used an extending brush that has a water feed when attached to a hose. It was OK but hard work and the roof never got clean. We decided to buy something designed for the job and bought the Titan R1 from Robert at H&G Promotions. We didn’t really know what we were ordering and so added extras to the basic model. H&G rang to say that we had duplicated some items and was that right? They suggested they delete them and refund the £20 which they did. Very refreshing way to do business. When the pole arrived it is well made and strong but, more important, it works brilliantly. It isn’t heavy to use, the low water pressure needed uses less water and much less splashing. The roof has not been as clean since it was built and it is economical on the soap as well. With this system we are likely to clean the roof regularly now. We would highly recommend it and H&G.’

Thanks again for great service and great product.

Cheers, Peter

Biggest myths about window cleaning

Tuesday 24th April 2018

Window cleaning can be a tedious chore, however if done correctly you’ll be achieving professional spotless windows yourself. Myths have been created over the years some which are truth and some which are complete lies. Throughout this blog, we will look to help you gain knowledge and put some of the myths to bed.

 Never clean your windows in the sun

This myth surprisingly is true, the sun is bad when window cleaning! The heat from the sun creates the water to evaporate quickly on the glass. This result in nasty streaks and stripes, so unfortunately hold back from cleaning your windows in the sun, get in the paddling pool instead.

Newspaper and vinegar is the best option to clean windows

Everyone’s tried the old housewife tail of cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper, and then realised that it just doesn’t work as well as you thought it would have. This is because the vinegar is merely removing any marks, however it will not be able to eliminate wax or grease on the windows, using this method will only make the marks worse on the windows.

Rain makes them dirtier

This is false, contrary to belief rainwater does not make your windows dirty. The right amount and frequency of rain landing on the windows can actually keep windows cleaner for much longer. It’s actually ground water which is flicked up onto the windows that can continually make windows dirty, this is from all the minerals, chemicals and particulates in groundwater.

Boiling water is the best

Warm yes, boiling no! The water should just be warm enough to touch, this is because if the water is too hot the cleaning products that you put in will evaporate and their full effect will have gone.

 As summer is ever closer, there is more than reason for you to give the house a spring cleaning inside and out. With our products you will be able to get the best results, so contact us if you would like further details and call us on 01299 288372.

The benefits of regular window cleaning

Monday 26th March 2018

Having clean windows to look through every morning sometimes isn’t a priority for everyone. But not only does it give you a clear view, it can also have other great benefits for yourself and your home. Neglecting your windows can lead to harmful mould and bacteria begins to grow around the exterior frame, here are some of the benefits you will find when cleaning your windows is done regularly

Health Benefits: Creating a clean house space both internally and externally can have numerous of health benefits that you may not have thought about. Dirty windows can contain dust and dirt which has built up over time, this can then, unfortunately, found its way into your home which can harm people within who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Throughout the cold and dark winter months, clean windows give an extra boost to get you through these. Looking throughout your window into a cold and cloudy day can be hard enough without the added dirt and fingerprints. So the cleaning of the windows throughout this time can be extra important towards helping improve your mood.

Quality Appearance: Being the talk of the street for the wrong reasons is never good, especially if you’re known as the messy house on your road. Keeping up your appearance and giving your windows a regular clean, will make sure this doesn’t happen. This will also create a positive first impression for anyone visiting the home for the first time and gives them a nice welcoming environment.  Additionally, if you were looking to put your house on the market, having clean windows will give a positive indication to the potential buyers. They are able to see the house is in good condition from the minute they first set eyes on it and could even add pounds to the final closing price.

Giving your windows life: Replacement of windows is very expensive, so to prevent this from happening for as long as possible you must continuously clean your windows.

Heat retention: The UK struggles for heat at the best of times so by having dirty windows this prevents your home from utilizing the UV light, which stops the sun from giving heat out. If this happens, you may be then spending more money on keeping warm, when you could simply keep these costs down.

Enhance Productivity: In the modern world many employees are given the option to work from home, therefore having a clean room in which you work in will increase productivity and this includes the windows. If the room is messy then this can distract you from the work you’re required to do, before proceeding to work clean your area then this will keep your distractions at bay.  

With the limited resources and experience you may have you are still able to do a professional job with the right tools and equipment, here at H and G Promotions we have window and conservatory equipment for all manner of applications. Contact us today on 01299 288373 for a quick response

Winter Window Cleaning Tips

Monday 26th February 2018

Although we’re coming to the end of February there’s still no sign of winter releasing its icy grip, and there’s more bad news on the way as the weather forecasters are now telling us we should expect a polar vortex this week. It’s been freezing, but jobs around the house still have to be done, and window cleaning is one of those tasks that have to be completed, no matter how chilly the weather is outside. Be prepared for this and it doesn’t have to be as daunting as you might think. We suggest you do the following here at H&G Promotions Ltd.

Get everything ready so you are fully prepared – Before you start cleaning make sure you have all the supplies you need to successfully clean the windows so you can minimise the time you spend doing this. Use a window cleaning system and this will make the job quick and easy - you’ll be finished before you know it, and even the top windows of your house will be left sparkling afterwards. Complete window cleaning systems ensure you are fully prepared no matter how many windows you are going to clean, and they come with basic essentials such as squeegees, sponges as well as revolutionary items like the porcupine, which removes the toughest dirt using a soft head for flawless results.      

Wrap up warm – Get dressed for the occasion by wearing comfortable clothing that will keep you warm as you wash the windows. Layer up with clothing and this way if you become too hot as you vigorously work your way around the windows and the conservatory glazing at your home, you can simply remove a layer and tailor the clothing to suit how you feel. You might want to wear a warm hat if it’s really freezing outside, whilst sturdy boots with plenty of grip will be useful as the flooring around your property might be slippery.   

Use tepid water – Glazing can react to sudden changes in temperature, therefore, avoid using hot water to clean windows on really cold days as the initial shock could, in theory, cause the glazing to crack. That being the case, fill a bucket with water that’s served at room temperature and it will still clean the windows effectively without you having to worry about the glazing cracking or shattering.    

Try a super concentrate detergent – Cleaning windows in cold weather can be a miserable experience, so you want to do this as quickly and successfully as you can in one go if possible, to avoid having to repeat the process. The best way to guarantee this will happen is to use a super concentrate detergent for streak-free results with less hassle and no fuss.

Whilst window cleaning in the winter isn’t exactly fun, you can still achieve brilliant results and keep your home looking tidy and clean no matter how cold the weather is outside. Be brave and make sure you are fully prepared with window washing equipment from us here at H&G Promotions Limited. For more details, please contact us today or call for a friendly chat on 01299 288375

Gardening Tips for February

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Well, that’s January more or less out of the way, and as we head into February our thoughts turn to spring as we prepare for the new season and look forward to the garden bursting into life. Make preparations now and tackle these jobs in February to ensure your garden is all set for spring.

Prune shrubs - Go around the garden pruning any shrubs that have finished flowering for the winter. A few snips here and there will soon have the plants cut back and primed, ready to flower once again later on in the year.

Trim evergreens – If you have deciduous hedges that are looking a little overgrown, now’s the time to give them a quick trim before the spring arrives. Renovate and restore their appearance with a professional prune that cuts away excess leaves and protruding branches.

Prepare seed beds – Start to prepare vegetable beds and sow a few seeds under cover in readiness for the season ahead. You can now start to chit potato tubers so you’ll have a bountiful harvest later on.

Prune conservatory climbers – Pruning conservatory climbers such as Bougainvilleas in late winter can help to restrict their size, so do this now before they start growing in the new season.     

Add nets to fruit and vegetable crops – Protect crops now before they start to grow and add nets to ward off attacks from birds.

Cut deciduous grass – Any deciduous grasses left uncut over the winter can be but back in February, and it’s a good idea to remove dead grass from evergreen grass to encourage good and healthy growth.

It might only be February, but there are plenty of jobs to do in the garden, so start this weekend and have your garden in great shape once spring arrives. Our collection of garden tools will help with this, so find out more, or contact us if you would like further details and call us today here at H&G Promotions Ltd on 01299 288372.        


Shrubs You Can Plant in November

Wednesday 29th November 2017

November is a critical month for the planting of fruit trees. Plant baby shrubs with bare roots during this month and they will thrive next year. Winter is classified as the ideal time to plant new trees due to it being the dormant season. You can plant them anytime between November and January as long as the ground isn’t frozen, simply aim for a mild day where possible. With regards to the types of species you can plant, we recommend all of the following here at H&G Promotions.

Apple Trees - Bare-rooted apple trees are perfect for a spot of winter planting. Put them in the ground at this time of the year and they won’t suffer from heat, drought, or be subjected to any type of stress. Plant them in November and you can expect ready-to-pick fruit by the following September.

Cherries and Plums - Both of these options are perfect for planting during November and anytime up to January. Gardening experts prefer to plant fruit trees in early winter when there is less chance of the ground freezing. Therefore, November makes the perfect month to get your cherries and plums planted.

Raspberries and Blackberries - Dig holes or make a few trenches, then plant canes of raspberries and blackberries ready for picking next summer. You can fill the holes afterwards with compost or nutrient-rich manure and watch as the plants grow and prosper when the weather gets warmer. 

Gooseberries - This is another popular type of berry to plant in November. Gooseberries are container-grown plants and perform especially well if you plant them in the ground at the start of the winter. You’ll be able to pick the fruits next year and include them in a variety of recipes, from chutneys to crumbles, and refreshing sorbets.  

With so many interesting bare-root fruit trees ready to plant this November, you really are spoilt for choice. Get busy in the garden at the start of winter, and should you require fruit pickers, pruners, or tree and bush sprayers, don’t hesitate to contact us here at H&G Promotions, or call us on 01299 288372.    


Thursday 26th October 2017

This is a useful review for gardening  resources.

The Damage Bird Droppings Can Have to Health, Property and Possessions

Wednesday 25th October 2017

Our telescopic, water-fed window cleaning system is the perfect solution if you want to remove seagull mess from windows. Reaching to upper floor windows, it can also be used on conservatories where it removes bird droppings with ease. Due to the acidic nature of bird droppings, they can often cause a number of problems and we reveal the common issues here.

Damage to Roofing Materials - Due to its acidic nature, bird mess can be caustic to certain types of materials, especially bitumen based products such as asphalt or coal-tar products. Popular as roofing materials, roofing felt can be in danger if droppings are left to accumulate on a roof, as the acid in the excrement will slowly start to eat through the surface layer.

Machinery Damage - Acidic bird mess can be problematic for industrial machinery such as air conditioning units positioned on the top of roofs. If left to accumulate, they can also create a slippery and dangerous area around this type of equipment, and make it hazardous for anyone that has to perform maintenance or repairs on the machinery.

Bodywork Damage - Bird poop on the bodywork of cars can be a major hassle if left untreated for too long. Not only will it harden onto the metalwork which makes it more difficult to remove, the acid can eat away at the protective layers of paint and gradually erode the colour, leaving a permanent mark afterwards. 

Scratches on Glass - Hardened types of bird mess can be difficult to remove from glazed areas too. There’s always a risk of scratching the glass if you try to scrub the mess away, so they need to be softened as much as possible by using plenty of water during the removal process.   

Of course, one of the best ways to prevent damage caused by bird droppings is to remove it as quickly as possible from all areas. If you want an effective seagull mess remover, get in touch with us here at H&G Promotions Ltd and we can supply this to you.  All you have to do is contact us today or call us on 01299 288374.

Give Your Greenhouse a Clean This Autumn

Wednesday 27th September 2017

As we head into the autumn, there are still plenty of jobs you can do in your garden to get it ready for next year. Cleaning the greenhouse is one task you might want to tackle, do this now before it gets too late and not only will you make it look great, you’ll winterise it at the same. When the nights get shorter and the weather gets colder, it’s time to get to grips with your greenhouse. Give it a detailed clean and make it perfect in time for the spring. Here’s what we suggest.

Remove shade painting– Make the most of the light levels in your greenhouse as the days grow shorter by removing any shade paint you might have etched on the glazing. This will allow the last few rays of sun to filter their way through into the greenhouse and give your plants some much-needed light.

Clean the glass – Once you have removed any shade painting from the glazing you can give the exterior a really good clean. Easy-to-use window cleaning equipment makes light work of this and leaves professional results with the minimum amount of effort.

Make running repairs – When you are cleaning the exterior of the greenhouse take a closer look for signs of physical damage.  If any panes are loose, fix them back into position, and replace broken panes to ensure your greenhouse is watertight over the winter.

Check the gutters – Clear out any gutters on your greenhouse whilst you are performing the outside clean. Remove any moss or dead leaves that might be present. Fail to do this now and it could cause a blockage in the future if they are left untreated. 

Tackle the inside – Once you are happy with the outside of the greenhouse, turn your attention to the inside. Remove dead plants, wipe down preparation areas, and give the interior a good sweep. Whilst you’re at it, wash the interior of the glazing so it’s totally sparkling from the inside out. You can wash any used but empty plant pots too, and get a few seed trays ready so you are ready to get planting in the spring.        

Follow this advice and your greenhouse will be totally prepared this autumn. If you need glass cleaning equipment, contact us here at H & G Promotions Ltd, or call to place your order on 01299 288371.

Autumnal Garden Tips You Can Use Right Now

Saturday 23rd September 2017

Summer might be doing its best to cling on for dear life but we are officially in the Autumnal season, or so the calendar says. If your feel like you haven’t prepared your garden for Autumn yet, there’s still time to do all of the following...

Give your greenhouse a quick clean

It’s served you well over the summer so why not treat your greenhouse to a quick spruce-up and give it a clean. Get rid of dead plants, clean up potting areas, and give the interior and the exterior of the glass a quick clean. Whilst you are at it, wash spare plant pots and give seed trays a clean, you can use them again next year. 

Go on border patrol

Now’s the perfect time to spruce up garden borders. You can remove any annuals that have slowly died off and get rid of any plants that simply didn’t thrive over the summer. Prune your perennials and remove general waste from border areas, you might want to layer them with bark or use any spare compost you might have to give the soil a nice, rich texture.

Care for the lawn

Give the lawn a final cut and remove any moss that has started to grow in the turf. You can rake away excess moss and throw it onto your compost heap, or use moss killer where this is required. For heavily compacted areas, aerate the lawn using a garden fork and leave tiny holes across the entire area.   

Tidy up your compost bin

If you have an excess of compost use this on your soil and make room for fresh garden waste you are sure to generate. If you have a small amount of compost in the bin, give it a quick turnover then add new waste to it over the new few months.  

These are just a few quick tips to help you prepare your garden for the autumn. Have fun, and if you need any garden tools to help with the task, don’t hesitate to contact us here at H & G Promotions Limited.  

Conservatory Cleaning Tips

Friday 25th August 2017

Buy a conservatory cleaning system from us here at H&G Promotions Ltd and make life easy. The best way to keep that conservatory sparkling is to clean it regularly, and we have the ideal solution to help you do this. Our water-fed conservatory cleaning pole makes short work of dirty glass and frames. With the minimum effort you can leave panels gleaming and glazed areas spotless, what better way to enjoy your conservatory each and every season?

To assist you, here are some tips to help you clean your conservatory with confidence. Do this for unbelievable results.   

Clear gutters and drainpipes - If you have a sturdy stepladder, make sure it’s stable and climb up it to remove debris from your conservatory’s guttering. Leaves, mulch and plant materials have a habit of accumulating inside the gutter and this will need a thorough clean before you tackle anything else. Blocked gutters often create problems and water has trouble draining away. A thorough clean around the gutters will keep water moving freely and leave your gutters in perfect condition.

Clean the roof of the conservatory – Next clean the roof of the conservatory using the water fed system. This is easy thanks to the strong rigidity of the cleaning poles which make short work of dirt, grime and heavy staining. You can do this from ground level without the need of a stepladder, and the head of the cleaner gives good pressure, so cleaning is quick and efficient.    

Wash the sides and wipe the framework down – Next, focus your attention on the glass at the side of the conservatory. Give this a detailed clean and don’t neglect the framework either which can easily be cleaned with warm water and a soapy detergent.

Once you have finished the outside, consider cleaning the inside of your conservatory, and should you require water fed cleaning systems, don’t hesitate to contact us here at H & Promotions Ltd. You can call us on 01299 288371

Little-Known Uses for Conservatory Cleaning Equipment

Monday 31st July 2017

Water fed conservatory cleaning equipment is very easy to use and leaves glass sparkling, but did you know you can use it to clean other items apart from your conservatory? Not only will it keep your conservatory nice and clean, you can also use the equipment on the following objects as well. 

Solar Panels - Energy savings solar panels harvest the sun’s rays and convert light into energy which can be used to power the home.  Exposed to the elements, a film of dirt often covers the panels but this can be washed off with conservatory cleaning equipment.

Greenhouses - Clean your greenhouse quickly and efficiently using conservatory cleaning equipment. You can wash every single pane and remove dirt, grime and bird droppings with very little effort and to the highest possible standards.  

Poly Tunnels - If you like to grow your own but hate it when your poly tunnel gets dirty, give it a quick clean with conservatory cleaning equipment. It’s perfect for poly tunnels and you can use the equipment to keep the tunnel clean and hygienic.  

Swimming Pool Cover - Outdoor pool covers are at the mercy of Mother Nature and can quickly start to look shabby once they become dirty and covered with garden debris. A quick clean with conservatory cleaning equipment will soon have your pool cover looking like new.

UPVC Cladding - PVC wall cladding, soffits and fascia boards can also be cleaned with conservatory cleaning equipment. A quick cleanse removes surface dirt and restores the pristine white appearance of UPVC products, leaving the plastic spotless afterwards.  

As you can see, there are plenty of uses for a conservatory cleaning system and you can buy one direct from us here at H&G Promotions Ltd. For more information, click here or contact us today, you can also call us on 01299 288371.  

Testimonial feedback :-)

Sunday 25th June 2017

Dear Robert


My order arrived safely at dawn this morning...... your admirable efficiency now means that I'll have to clean the windows this weekend.... thanks!


Keith Lancaster

Common Fruit Tree Diseases

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Spraying a fruit tree with a general-purpose fungicide is the easiest way to deal with pests and diseases. Apple trees, for example, can suffer from any of these common nuisances if they haven’t received a liquid treatment.   

Apple Canker -This is a disease caused by a fungus in the bark of the tree.  The main symptoms of this condition are round and sometimes oval areas of dead bark that are sunken and recessed. The fruit on the tree is sometimes attacked and can rot or fall from the branches. The best treatment is to cut away the affected areas removing all dead wood until healthy tissue is exposed, then treat with wound paint afterwards.    

Apple Scab - Visible as dark marks on the skin of the fruit or olive spots on leaves, apple scab is caused by a unique fungus that can sometimes cause the fruits to crack and spoil. Although light scabbing doesn’t affect the quality of the fruit, it can have a serious impact on commercial apple growers who might struggle to sell the fruit. Treatment includes pruning affected shoots, removing dead leaves and infected fruit.      

Brown Rot - This is another fungal disease which manifests itself as a brown, spreading rot covering the fruit. Typically, the rot spreads outwards from wounds in the fruit and apples sometimes remain hanging in a mummified condition. Chemical and non-chemical treatments are used to control and stop the spread of the rot.

Honey Fungus - The scientific name for honey fungus is Armillaria and symptoms include root decay and white fungus between the bark and wood of the tree at ground level. Honey coloured toadstools often appear on infected stumps during the autumn and although there are no chemical remedies for the condition, non-chemical treatments include excavating and destroying infected roots and stumps.   

Poor Fruiting - If your tree or bush fails to produce a good crop of fruit it can be classified as unproductive. Poor crops can be attributed to many things including birds eating the flowers, improper pruning, poor growing conditions, lack of pollinating partner or apple cultivator, frost damage, and poor weather during flowering which affects the activity of pollinating insects.  

If you want to prevent these symptoms and control insects, pests or fungal disease, buy a tree and fruit bush spray system from us here at H & Promotions Ltd or contact us for more information.  You can call today on 01299 288375 to speak to us about any of our products.  

Tips For Using Secateurs Safely

Friday 26th May 2017

They nip and they snip, cutting branches and deadwood with ease. Are you totally confident you know how to use secateurs safely, though, and can you assertively say you are using them in the right way? Secateurs are critical if you want to prune plants effectively. Here we tell you how to use them in the best way whilst staying safe at the same time.           

Get the stem positioning right - Before you cut a stem always ensure the cutting edges of the secateurs are in the ideal position. Aim to position the stem deep into the cutting edges of the tool and make sure the branch is fully inserted into the pruners before you make a cut.

Open and close the blades fully - Never try to snip away at stems like you are using a pair of scissors. This will simply lead to excessive hand stress and there’s every possibility you will dull the blade of the snips by doing this. Open the blade fully, position the stem correctly, and make a positive snip.

Use the correct hand position - When you are pruning a lot of plants this can lead to soreness and hand fatigue. To prevent this, use the bases of your fingers and the ball of your hand to squeeze the handles of the secateurs and get the maximum amount of leverage possible. 

Watch what you cut - Always pay close attention when you are using a set of secateurs. Pay extra attention if you have used metal ties to keep branches tucked away nice and neat. Cut through these and you could cause damage to the secateurs. Avoid this basic mistake at all costs. 

Clean and sharpen your secateurs - After use, wipe the blades of the secateurs clean. If there is dirt engrained on the metal, use warm soapy water and a small stiff brush to clean away the grime, or get rid of plant sap with a quantity of steel wool.  Sharpen the blades of the cutters regularly too. This will keep your secateurs in perfect working order.   

Follow this advice to use your secateurs safely.  If you need a new set of loppers or pruners, all you have to do is contact us here at H&G Promotions Ltd to place your order, or call 01299 288372 today. 

You Think You Have Clean Windows and This Happens!

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Virtually anyone can clean a window with the right materials and cleaning equipment. There’s no special secret to cleaning windows, but it does help if you have a general idea of what you are doing to avoid disappointment.  Invest in quality window cleaning materials and this is a good starting point. What’s more, avoid these easy to make mistakes if you want the perfect results.

Cleaning on a hot day

You’d probably think the best time to clean your windows is on a bright and sunny day. Think again! Cleaning windows when the sun is shining can be really hard going, and if you fail to rinse the detergent off the glazing quick enough, you will be left with streaks and stubborn marks. Clean windows when the weather is dry by all means. Just avoid those baking hot days and steer clear of bright sunshine.

Scrimping on glass cleaner

Always read the instructions on the detergent you are using to clean your windows. Sure, you want it to last as long as possible but don’t be stingy or you could be left sorely unsatisfied with the results of your hard work. Stick to the recommended dosage is you are using super-concentrated soap. And don’t be miserly if you want to see dirt and grime disappear.

Follow the operating instructions

Make sure you are fully conversant with any window cleaning equipment you are using. If you buy a window cleaning system, read the instructions first so you can use the equipment in a safe and efficient way. By learning how to correctly use the window cleaner you will guarantee the best results.     

Clean both sides of the glass

There’s no point in just washing one side of the windows. If you do this, the other side could be full of streaks and smears. Take the time to carefully clean both side of the glazing and the glass should be streak-free and sparking afterward. 

There’s no exact science to cleaning windows, you simply need the appropriate equipment and the time to spare to clean the glazing around your home.  Should you require window washing equipment, contact us here at H & G Promotions Ltd, or call for an informal chat on 01299 266303.  

Give Your Conservatory a Summer Spruce Up

Thursday 6th April 2017

Turning your conservatory into a room you can use all the year round will ensure you get the maximum benefit from this extra space. Although you can use your conservatory whenever you like, it’s always nice to spend time in this setting during the spring and summer, to enjoy the garden in full bloom. With this in mind, do this if you are planning to use your conservatory throughout the summer months, and make it the perfect place to be.            

Clean the glass

Before you do anything, make sure the glass panels on your conservatory are sparkling, otherwise, the streaks, smears and signs of dirt will drive you crazy over the summer months. You can use the latest water-fed conservatory cleaning equipment to reach those high or awkward places, and the glass will be sparkling afterwards.    

Fit conservatory blinds

A good way to reduce the impact of heat in your conservatory during the hottest times of the year is to install a set of conservatory blinds. Different styles are available including pleated, slatted and made to measure roof blinds, in a choice of materials, colours and finishes. Blinds reduce glare and help to lessen the effects of heat.  

Add a few plants

Certain plants thrive inside conservatories and species such as Camellia, Bougainvillea and Cordyline Palms also make highly attractive features too. Plants can improve the look of your conservatory so shop around and choose wisely from your local garden centre or nursery, 

Sit back and relax

Once the glass is clean, you have shade from the sun and a few plants to enjoy, it’s time to sit back and relax in your conservatory. With summer just around the corner, now’s the ideal opportunity to get your conservatory ready, and the process begins with a really good clean.

Shop for conservatory cleaners right here at H&G Promotions Ltd and get that glass gleaming!  

Recent feed back

Monday 13th March 2017


I received my Titan R1 and cleaning fluids on Thursday and used them today to clean the  very dirty roof of my large conservatory.

The product exceeded my expectations. 

It is an excellent piece of kit. It was more expensive than others I looked at on line but I have to say it has been worth the money. I have paid £150 for a 'professional clean' in the past and your product and my elbow grease has given a better result.

The instructions are good and the chap on your helpline was excellent.

Well done HG promotions. A great product and great service.

Best regards


Clever and Cunning Window Cleaning Tips

Monday 6th March 2017

Glass in windows and conservatories quickly starts to look unsightly if you fail to clean it regularly. We know this at H&G Promotions and this is why we stock an extensive range of window cleaning equipment to keep glass sparkling through all seasons.  Our DIY home window cleaning systems are just what you need for a quick and easy job.  You can clean your windows to the highest possible standards using this equipment and some of the following tips might be useful too.     

Make mildew a thing of the past

If you have regular problems with mildew on window frames, mix some bleach with laundry detergent and warm water then liberally apply to the affected areas wearing rubber gloves. Leave to stand for 10 minutes or so and rinse clean with clear water. The mildew should have disappeared! For stubborn areas, use a small sponge scrubber and apply the mixture using some good old fashioned elbow grease. To prevent this happening in the future, wipe away condensation with a leather chamois on cold winter mornings. 

Say goodbye to streaks

Streaky windows spoil the appearance of your home. Prevent this by using a squeegee to remove water and cleaning detergent from the windows to leave smear-free results.  Gradually move from the top to the bottom of the window using gentle sweeping strokes to clear the soapy water mix and your windows should be sparkling afterward.   

Help dust disappear

Dusty window blinds are disgusting. Help to reduce the build up of dirt by spraying your blind with an antiseptic spray after you have cleaned them.  This should prevent dust from accumulating as quickly on blinds and make them easier to clean in the future. 

Of course, you can’t beat a good window cleaning system if you really want to keep the glass around your home spotless. We have all the cleaning solutions you need here at H&G Promotions including a comprehensive range of water fed window cleaning systems.

For more information about window washing systems or any of our cleaning products contact us today or call 01299 266303

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Renewed concern for roofs collapsing under snow

Sunday 12th February 2017

Rossen Reports update: Renewed concern for roofs collapsing under snow

5 unexpected uses for limes

Sunday 12th February 2017

5 unexpected uses for limes

The oldest child is actually the smartest, study finds

Sunday 12th February 2017

The oldest child is actually the smartest, study finds

The Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning

Friday 10th February 2017

It’s easy to overlook solar panel cleaning if you want to save money but this could have a detrimental impact on the operating performance of your system. Once the panels are installed, you expect them to work flawlessly, whether you have them cleaned regularly or not. Although solar panels are happy to harness power even when covered in a layer of grime, it’s advisable to keep them clean to maximise the amount of energy they produce. By not cleaning them, this shouldn’t prevent them from working, but it could create longer-term issues.

Cleaning maximises the power output of solar panels

Routine cleaning will ensure your solar panels are working with the greatest efficiency by harnessing every single ray of sun. Keep the panels clean and you reap the rewards of your investment, squeezing as much power as possible from every panel fitted to your property. It’s no coincidence that solar panel farms around the globe regularly clean their panels to extend their life and enhance the performance levels.    

You can check for system faults

Clean solar panels every six months or so and this gives you the opportunity to visually inspect the solar panels to ensure there are no signs of damage. When panels are cleaned, you can tell if any parts have worked their way loose, and you can check if something needs fixing on your solar panel system.    

It removes baked on dirt

Waste deposits on solar panels such as baked-on bird droppings not only look unsightly they could affect the operating performance of the system if left unattended. By cleaning solar panels you remove all potential problems and get rid of unsightly waste before it causes an issue.   

It looks better too!       

Keep your solar panels clean and this improves the overall aesthetics of your property. Placed in such a prominent position, when panels become dirty this spoils the appearance of your house. Put an end to this by cleaning solar panels with a variable angle pivot head cleaner for example, and you cut through dirt, algae, and bird droppings, leaving the panels sparkling afterward.

Please click here if you want to purchase quality solar panel cleaners. Or contact us here at H and G Promotions by calling 01299 266303 to discuss our solar panel, conservatory, and window washing equipment in more detail.  

Dust control and its hazards, use our telescopic cleaning systems to cleanse surfaces

Friday 3rd February 2017


Coke is a stain remover? 6 surprising cleaners in your home

Sunday 15th January 2017

From those annoying white deodorant stains on your little black dress to rust stains in the bathroom, some stains just won't go away — until now. With help from some savvy experts, we put together surprising tips to banish these stains once and for all. Best of all, you probably already have all the ingredients you will need.

Stain: Permanent marker on wood 
Stain remover: Non-gel toothpaste

Apply a small amount of white toothpaste directly on the marker stain. Then, using a clean cloth, wipe along the grain of the cabinet to remove the stain, recommends Meg Roberts, president of Molly Maid. The mild, abrasive action in the toothpaste gently scrubs the stain away.(Before beginning, test the toothpaste on an inconspicuous part of the wood.) 

Stain: Bathtub and toilet bowl rust stains
Stain buster: Coca-Cola

Coke — it’s not just for quenching thirst, the acid in the popular drink can also dissolve rust stains from porcelain. According to Leslie Reichert, green cleaning expert and author of "The Joy of Green Cleaning," pour enough Coke into a drained toilet bowl or bathtub to cover rust marks. Allow to sit overnight. In the morning, no more rust! (Note: This trick only works with real Coca-Cola.)

Stain: Hairspray build-up on curling/flat iron
Stain buster: Nail polish remover

Roberts suggests gently rubbing the metal surface of a cool and unplugged iron with a few cotton balls dabbed in nail polish remover. The remover breaks down hair product residue, leaving your essential flat iron or curling iron as good as new. For really stubborn spots, use a small amount of oven cleaner on a clean cloth and buff the residue away. Wipe the cleaned iron with a damp cloth to remove the nail polish remover. 

Stain: Water stains in vases
Stain buster: Powdered dishwasher detergent

Flower stems tend to leave an oily film in vases, but a little help from the grease-cutting properties in powdered detergent can easily remove the leftover residue. Shake powdered dishwasher detergent into the bottom of the vase and fill with hot water. After about an hour, it should be crystal clear, Roberts said. 

Stain: Deodorant or makeup on clothing
Stain buster: Nylon stocking

Did deodorant or makeup rub off on your clothing? Lift deodorant residue and makeup from garments by rubbing a nylon stocking over the mark as soon as possible, advises Kelley Nemec, cleaning expert at St. Croix Cleaners in Stillwater, Minnesota. “This will remove the top layer of the stain," Nemec said. "Just be sure to clean it soon after.” 

Stain: Sweat stain prevention
Stain buster: Baby powder  

Why worry about a stain if you can prevent it? Randi Dukes, from the lifestyle blog Dukes & Duchesses, has found baby powder to do the trick when it comes to preventing sweat stains from showing up on light-colored shirts. "I recommend dusting the inside underarm portions of light/white-colored garments with a light-to-moderate layer of regular baby powder, not cornstarch based-types," she told Hometalk.com. Then iron the area, as the heat from the iron seals the powder onto the fabric, thus creating a barrier against perspiration.

The 1 spot in your kitchen that may be dirtier than a toilet

Saturday 14th January 2017


The kitchen's the heart of the home, but, according to Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist and professor at University of Arizona, it's also the heart of its germs. Between prepping and cleaning, the kitchen is a veritable incubator for bacteria. Here, Gerba (his nickname is Dr. Germ BTW) reveals the 5 germiest places in your kitchen.

The 1 spot in your kitchen that may be dirtier than a toilet

Saturday 14th January 2017

The 1 spot in your kitchen that may be dirtier than a toilet

21 easy, healthy meals for busy moms

Saturday 14th January 2017

21 easy, healthy meals for busy moms


Like so many of us, Jenna is a working mom who’s constantly on the go! Whether she's broadcasting live from Studio 1A, jumping on an airplane for her next work assignment, spending time with her husband, or racing to her daughter's ballet classes, Jenna is busy, busy, busy and has virtually no time to prioritize herself. And while she ensures that her girls are always fueled with healthy, balanced meals, Jenna puts little-to-no thought into her own nutrient needs and typically grabs whatever is convenient (i.e., cheese, pastries, pretzels, etc). Jenna admits that it has taken a toll—she’s spent a good portion of 2016 feeling rundown, sick and exhausted.

The easy 7-day fitness plan anyone can master

Saturday 14th January 2017

The easy 7-day fitness plan anyone can master

All month long, Hoda Kotb has been working with a team of experts to get fit and feel healthier for the new year. She told TODAY, "At 52, I feel like my best years are ahead, and I just want my body to keep up."

She's already revamped her diet, so the next step in her #startTODAY journey is a fitness routine to match her new healthy lifestyle. Hoda enlisted the help of a rockstar cycling instructor, Sue Molnar, to develop a plan to increase strength and muscle mass while maintaining high energy levels all day long.

Learn where germs hide in your home during the winter months

Tuesday 10th January 2017


Learn where germs hide in your home during the winter months


NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar joins TODAY to reveal surprising places in your home germs like to hide in during the winter. For example, she says your shower head harbors bacteria and should be replaced every year



See this dim wood-paneled room completely transformed with a coat of paint

Tuesday 10th January 2017

See this dim wood-paneled room completely transformed with fresh paint

4 smart ways to reuse silica gel packets around the home

Tuesday 10th January 2017



4 smart ways to reuse silica gel packets around the home


Next time you come across a silica gel packet, don’t ditch it! These are actually quite useful for keeping things dry and protected



5 foods to fight a bloated belly :-)

Tuesday 10th January 2017

The dreaded belly bloat — we all experience it from time to time, but the holiday season can be especially cruel. We run ourselves ragged, forget to drink enough water and wind up eating on the go, instead of taking the time to prepare healthy meals.

Oddly enough, even healthy foods like cruciferous veggies (think Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage) can, sometimes, make your belly bulge.


Whether your body is bloating from too much crudité or feeling puffy from too many chips and cocktails, sometimes we just need to de-puff ourselves. Here are a few of my favorite bloat-be-gone foods.


5 foods to fight a bloated belly

Happy Christmas and prosperous & healthy New Year to all my customers

Tuesday 13th December 2016

Sesons greetings and we all hope that 2017 will be a peaceful and calming new year.

All my staff at H & G promotions Ltd wish my past and future customers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Best regards, Robert Makepeace MD

Why Gutter Cleaning is Essential Home Maintenance

Monday 12th December 2016

Amongst the many home maintenance tasks you need to perform to keep your household running smoothly, cleaning the gutters has got to be one of the most important. This chore is often overlooked and left until there is an obvious problem, at which point you might notice water overflowing down the side of your house.  Keep your gutters clean and this is never a problem. Fail to do so and you could experience a whole host of problems caused by blocked guttering.

Why do gutters get blocked?

Blockages occur in gutters for a variety of reasons. In many cases, this is caused by falling leaves or the build up of moss and algae that turn into a dense type of mulch. You’ll know if you have blocked gutters. During heavy rainfall there will be water running down the side of your house, you might notice signs of moss growing on the brickwork where the water has been travelling.   

Signs of blocked gutters

As well as water overflowing down the side of your property there are other visual signs that all is not well with your guttering. Visible signs of sagging are good indicators your gutters are struggling to cope with the excess weight. If they look deformed or seem to have dropped slightly, there’s a good chance they are full of debris.  Faulty joints can also have a major impact on the performance of your guttering. If debris becomes trapped between the joints this can have a negative impact on the performance of gutters. They could start to leak and create additional problems at your property. 

What impact do blocked gutters have on your property?

When your gutters become blocked this impacts your property in a number of ways. One of the most serious issues related to blocked gutters is structural damage and the genuine threat of foundation damage caused by leaking guttering. Mould and damp are other issues attributed to blocked gutters, leading to serious health issues such as breathing difficulties and allergic reactions. By maintaining your gutters you not only keep your home healthy, you look after your family’s health as well.  

How to keep your gutters well-maintained

Keeping on top of gutter maintenance is really important if you want to avoid costly repairs and prevent putting your family’s health at risk. You can have your gutters professionally cleaned once or twice a year, or use a gutter cleaning accessory capable of reaching two story gutters bought from us here at H & G Promotions Ltd.

You’ll find this handy device in the conservatory cleaning equipment section of our website. If you want to discuss this equipment or speak to us about any of our conservatory or window washing solutions, contact us or call us on 01299 266303.  

Clever Uses For Ladder and Platform Combinations Systems This Christmas

Wednesday 16th November 2016

It’s that time of year again folks as we turn our attention to Christmas and all the fun of the festive season. Whether you feel ready for the big fella in the red suit to arrive or not, the countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun. Plan for the festivities well in advance and get ready to use a ladder and platform combination system to dress your home in this way.

Hang Outside Lights

A great way to make your home warm and welcoming this Christmas is to hang outside lights to the exterior of the property.  Cheery and colourful, you’ll feel excited at the prospect of the festive season when you see lights twinkling away outside your home.  You can clip the lights in place on various areas around your home including the porch, windows and roofline if you have a ladder that’s long enough. Use a ladder and platform system to hang lights up to 2.7 metres high. It also makes a useful platform or stepladder at lower levels.

Decorate Evergreens

If you have bushes and shrubs in your garden such as conifers and hedges why not decorate them with lights, baubles and other festive features? You could dress your evergreens with a selection of seasonal decorations and use a ladder and platform combination system to reach the highest parts of the shrubs. Have fun doing this and get into the Christmas spirit. It’s not just the inside of your home that could benefit from Christmas deccies this year.   

Dress the Tree

Don’t struggle trying to dress an over-sized Christmas tree. Ladder and platform combination systems are the ideal accessory to assist you this year. You’ll get access to every single branch no matter how large your tree is, so buy that feature spruce for your hallway with extra confidence safe in the knowledge you have the means to make it look amazing.  

Fit Stairwell Decorations  

Adding decorations to stairwells is another way to make your home look festive this year. It doesn’t matter if your property has high ceilings or not, you can still reach walls to fit festive lighting, falling snowflakes and brightly coloured ornaments by using a ladder and platform combination system. Be as creative as you like and stay safe when reaching higher up areas knowing you have a sturdy platform beneath you.

Whatever you have planned decoration-wise this Christmas, if you need the right type of access equipment to dress your home impeccably, you can buy it right here at H & G Promotions Ltd

Preparation for winter...

Monday 14th November 2016

Preparing your property for icy cold temperatures and damaging winter weather is a must, especially if you’re planning to put it on the market soon. A few small DIY projects can mean the difference between a cozy, winterized home and a house with some real issues.

Winning game day recipes for pulled pork grilled cheese, spicy chicken

Monday 31st October 2016

Winning game day recipes for pulled pork grilled cheese, spicy chicken

Traveling with your pet? 7 essential tips to know before you go

Monday 31st October 2016

Traveling with your pet? 7 essential tips to know before you go

The simplest way to make sneakers waterproof— grab a hair dryer!

Monday 31st October 2016

The simplest way to make sneakers waterproof— grab a hair dryer!

If you're taking an antibiotic, make sure it's the right kind

Monday 31st October 2016

If you're taking an antibiotic, make sure it's the right kind

Start Growing Your Own Vegetables

Monday 17th October 2016

Growing your own vegetables is much easier than you might think. Try growing plants at home and you’ll realise it’s not that complicated to sow and grow your own vegetables. We have plenty of gardening materials to assist you with this process at H & G Promotions Ltd and would like to recommend a few easy grow vegetables to get you started.

If you fancy eating your very own home grown vegetables but aren’t sure which varieties to choose, we suggest you try the following items.    

Spring Onions

Brilliant for salads, spring onions are so simple to grow at home. You can grow them in pots or sow the seeds straight into the ground and let them grow over the summer. Known to be quick growing, you’ll soon have a healthy crop of spring onions ready to add a little flavour to salads, stir fries and other dishes.


Growing potatoes at home is really easily, especially if you use special types of potato bags part-filled with compost. As soon as you see shoots emerging from the compost add a little more compost to keep the foliage covered. Keep doing this until you get to the stage where the bag is full of compost. Then all you have to do is keep watering the plants regularly and wait for the foliage on the plant to turn yellow and start withering away. When this happens, tip the soil out of the bag and forage through it for freshly grown potatoes.    

Vine-ripened Tomatoes

Botanically speaking, a tomato is actually a fruit but they are often confused as vegetables. Either way, they are very easy to grow at home.  This is another simple plant that does all the hard work for you.  Sow them inside containers, place the containers on your window sill and remember to feed and water them on a regular basis. In no time at all you’ll have healthy thriving plants full of gorgeous red tomatoes. 


You won’t have any trouble growing peas at home either. This crop is ever so clever, the more you pick the more the peas grow.  Simply sow them straight into the ground between March and June and you can pick them right through the summer. All you need is a little netting supported between two poles at either end of the row for the peas to thrive.   

There are plenty of other vegetables that are just as easy to grow at home and once you start growing your own it becomes very addictive. Give it a go and see how many crops you produce. If you need equipment to help you with gardening tasks we have all types of garden tools for you here at H & G Promotions Ltd.   

Time to clean out the gutters

Wednesday 21st September 2016

Now autimn is approaching its time to clean out the gutters and give the soffits and fascias a good clean up, ready to face the winter

Conservatory Cleaning for Beginners

Wednesday 4th May 2016

There’s no need to feel daunted by conservatory cleaning, with the right tools and equipment this can actually be quite a straightforward task.  Problems only occur when people choose the wrong products to clean conservatories, or set about the task without thinking about what they are doing, taking risks in the process.

Here we explain what you should do and what you should avoid if you are cleaning your conservatory at some point this year. Read these guidelines, and get in touch with us if you require conservatory cleaning equipment at any point.

Avoid Power Washers

Although it’s tempting to pressure wash your conservatory this type of forceful action should be avoided at all costs. The pressure involved can damage seals, the glass, or the framework of the conservatory, which could then result in a pricey repair.  Instead of using a pressure washer, try a pole-fed water cleaner designed specifically for this task. Not only is this a safer solution, it leaves sparkling results and there’s no stretching or ladder climbing involved.

Never climb onto the conservatory

Under no circumstances should you consider climbing onto the glass roof of your conservatory.  Even if the glass is toughened it could still break with the force of your weight causing serious injury. You can climb to roof height if required to brush debris off the glass, after which you could proceed to clean the conservatory using an approved, water-fed cleaning system. 

Don’t forget the gutters

When you clean your conservatory make sure you remove unwanted debris from the gutters too. Moss, leaves and algae collect in guttering systems so they should be scooped out so rainwater can run away without any problems.  Do this twice-yearly in the autumn and in the spring as part of your ongoing maintenance plan.

Regular cleaning will make you want to use your conservatory come rain or shine and we have the perfect product to make this task easy here at H & G Promotions.   

Rose Pruning Kept Simple

Tuesday 5th April 2016

We have the perfect pruning tools for you here at H & G Promotions with many different types of secateurs, loppers, pruners and saws available to cope with numerous types of bushes, plants and trees.

Our secateurs for example, are the ideal garden tool to trim back rose bushes, and here we give you a few tips if you are facing rose that’s rapidly growing out of control.

Top tips for rose pruning include:

1.) Trim at the right time of year

Ideally this should be done in the late winter, towards the end of February or March. Don’t worry if you haven’t trimmed your rose bush yet though, you still have time to invest in a set of secateurs and start clipping!

2.) Establish the type of rose

Climbing, rambling, shrub and bush type roses are all common species found in UK gardens. If the plant has long stems and is quite tall, this is a climber, if the rose is quite small and fairly close to ground level, it’s a shrub or a bush.   

3.) Read the plant profile

If you are lucky you’ll know the type of rose plant you are going to prune, or, at least, have the care label handy to refer to.  Follow the care instructions for the profile of the rose, and when you are cutting follow these steps to success:

Once you have effectively pruned your rose bush feed it in the spring, you could add manure or a good grade compost to help the plant thrive.     

For a great deal on secateurs, check out the bargains we have on garden tools right now, and don’t hesitate to contact us at H & G Promotions for any queries about the products we sell. 

5 ways to prevent condensation on your windows

Tuesday 1st March 2016

Condensation is annoying for a number of homeowners, it forms when the humidity in the air changes into liquid water due to the coldness in the room. Common in a host of properties, there are ways to combat this problem and reduce the chances of it happening over the winter period.

Here are our 5 tips to prevent condensation gathering in your home or in your business.

1. Dehumidifiers

You can buy dehumidifiers in the majority of large retail home shops and they aren’t that expensive. To get the most of this method, place your dehumidifiers as close to your window as you possibly can. Dehumidifiers remove the humidity in the air; this moisture causes the droplets of water that form the condensation on your windows.

2. Circulation of air

-          If your windows have curtains or blinds during the day open them, so you can expose the surface of the windows to circulating air. This circulation of air will help to prevent the accumulation of condensation but also remove moisture if it is already seen on your windows.

-          Weather permitting; open your doors or windows to help the circulation of air around the home and by your window. As already mentioned, this circulation will help with the condensation problem.  

3. Double glazing

Although the most expensive option in the short-term, having double glazing in your home can save you money in the long term. As well as being very effective in removing condensation with your home, double-glazed windows can save homeowners money on their heating and cooling bills, helping to lower the cost of utilities. They are also much safer options in terms of theft as they are a great deal harder to break into.

4. Checking vents

Although having vents in your kitchen and in your bathroom is a very effective way of removing humidity whilst cooking and washing, if these vents are broken or blocked, their performance and ability to remove humidity can be severely limited. Regular checks on air vents will ensure they are working well and humidity is being removed during peak times.

5. Caulking

Making sure the caulking around your windows is okay is a simple method to ensure your windows are fit for purpose. If necessary, re-caulk your windows, this will prevent cold air or moisture from entering your house through the window frame. Having caulk around your windows is one more way you can reduce the amount of condensation, and in some cases even prevent it.

These are just a few tips to remove and prevent condensation from establishing itself in your home. Hope they’ve helped!

How to prepare your conservatory for spring and summer

Friday 22nd January 2016

Conservatories are a great way to add more space to your home; a comfortable area which brings light in whatever the season. Now that we’ve passed the main hit of winter, how can you start preparing your conservatory for the sunnier seasons?

Clear out

There’s a strong chance that you neglected your conservatory in the winter time – heating can cost a lot of money and you probably found yourself using the extra space for Christmas things and leftover cardboard boxes.

Give your conservatory a good clear out and thorough clean – including all of the windows - to prep for the summer season where you’re sure to be using the space to its best ability. Be ruthless with the stuff you’re throwing away – no hoarding now! You want your conservatory to be a calm and relaxed space, which is best achieved through minimalistic design.


How about replacing those fluffy pillows and furry rugs with something a little bit brighter to reflect the upcoming season? Think about how your current furniture will look in the natural light and evaluate if you need a total revamp or just a few extra touches for a real summer feel.

You could even think about doing a bit of a paint job, whether just a top up to keep it looking fresh, or something a bit different. You’re best to stick to light shades though as this will maximise the natural lighting around the room.  


Conservatories do get hot in the sun – this can be both a positive and a negative. The negative of that being that it can get too hot. This is why you’ve got to consider how you’re going to control the conservatory’s temperature in the warmer months.

There are a number of ways you can do this but installing blinds is the most efficient and safest option. Whilst leaving the doors or windows open in the conservatory to let the wind blow in may sound idyllic, in reality, it’s just doors slamming constantly and risking intruders. Air conditioning is an alternative, although can be a rather expensive one.

By installing blinds, you can open and close as you wish, controlling how hot or how light you want the conservatory to be – and they look great too!

The best ways to remove bird poo from glass

Thursday 7th January 2016

Walking outside and finding that your car or conservatory windows have been covered in bird droppings is never the best thing. Whilst some call it good luck, most of us will call it an absolute pain. But what are the best ways to clear it up? We’re here to help...

Don’t leave it

The best way to clear up bird poo, or guano, from your windows is to do it as soon as you can – as soon as you’ve seen it if possible. That way, you can prevent it from drying, saving you a, even more, difficult clean up job! Act quickly and your windows will be sparkling again in no time.

Don’t scrub

If you’ve noticed the bird droppings a little too late so that they’ve dried, don’t worry because we’ve got some tips for that too! Firstly, ignore your initial instincts to start scrubbing or scratching the dried-up waste away. It’s only going to be more effort for you and may damage the glass it’s on. Your best bet is to loosen and soften it...

Soak it

Soaking it is a certain way to help loosen the bird droppings after they’ve dried. Grab a bucket of warm water and a sponge and begin to soak the area by holding it down for a few moments. You’ll start to notice that the mess will soften and become easier to wipe away. Keep patient, it will be a much swifter job this way.

Wipe it

Now that it’s loosened, it’s time to get rid of it! Keep the warm water that you used to soak the bird poo, and add a little bit of soap. Take the sponge and rub it gently over the area – this should get rid of the most of the mess! If you find that there’s a little bit left, get your hands on a plastic scraper and gently remove the rest of it of your windows.

All over

Finally, to make sure that your car or conservatory windows are left with no soapy streaks, clean your whole window thoroughly.

How to build a simple brick wall in easy steps

Friday 20th November 2015

Building a small brick wall at home is relatively easy if you have the tools, the right materials and a little inside knowledge so you are aware of how to get it right. If you think you are up to the challenge follow our straightforward guide, it tells you everything you need to know.

Materials and equipment needed

Let’s begin!

  1. Start by digging a trench for the foundations, this should be about 300mm deep and 300mm wide for a small wall. Once you have the trench dug mix the concrete in the mixer, when it’s ready pour into the trench and pat it down firmly, then leave to dry with the plastic sheet over the mix. Leave for around three days to allow the concrete to form a hard base.

  2. Once the foundation is hard get the mortar ready. You can mix this on the old piece of board using the spade to mix the mortar with water. Once it’s smooth you are ready to start laying your first brick.

  3. Spread a layer of mortar across the centre of the foundations, apply mortar to one end of the brick and place it on the mortar with the hollow side facing upwards, It’s a good idea to use the string and pegs as a guideline at this stage, mark out a line across the base of the foundations. Continue adding bricks until you have you first layer in place.

  4. Build up layers of bricks to the required height staggering joins as you go along. Use half bricks to fill end gaps where necessary and check mortar levels are uniform as you go along, just tap the top of the bricks down with the end of your trowel.

  5. Carry on until you get to the top of your wall, at this point use a layer of bricks with the hollow facing down and you have finished the wall. Leave to dry.

Internet Browsers

Tuesday 3rd November 2015


As a valued customer, we strive to keep you informed of industry changes that may affect your purchase.

All major internet browsers (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) are changing the way that they validate website security certificates to ensure the highest security level for users when making payments. As a result of this change, you  may see security warnings (e.g. browser errors, security certificate warnings) on your web browsers when using a secure website. This will only happen if the website you are visiting is using an older security certificate.

To address this issue, Sage Pay (along with the majority of other payment gateways and online banking web sites) are updating web certificates for all payment pages and forms. 

Additionally, this change will not impact the majority of shoppers apart from a small fraction who are using very outdated browsers on old computers. These shoppers will not be able to transact on any payment processing or online banking facility which has made these industry-wide changes. Find out more. If you have problems please ring our office on 01299 266303 we can tyake transactions by phone.

Fun things to build in the garden

Wednesday 21st October 2015

If you like a spot of DIY there are plenty of projects to keep you busy in the garden as well as the home. Don’t be shy to try new projects, have fun building some of these ideas for example and give your family something to smile about...

How You Can Make Your Garden Hedgehog Friendly

Tuesday 6th October 2015

One of the great joys of having a conservatory is that you can sit and watch the wonderful native wildlife that appears in your garden. The hedgehog is one of Britain’s most loved wild species, unfortunately becoming rarer due to diminishing habitat. By making your garden hedgehog friendly this autumn, not only will you increase your chances of seeing these lovely little animals come spring, you’ll give them a safe home for winter as they hibernate inside a hedge, in a pile of wood or under your garden shed.

Build a hedgehog a home

It’s probably a bit too late in the year now to start gardening for hedgehogs, but you can build a cheap and easy home for them before they hibernate. Simply get some old board and lean it against a log, fence or wall before covering it with leaves and soil. Put some branches and leaves on top to secure it against the wind. Finally, place some straw and dry leaves at the entrance to provide a safe, dry shelter for hibernation.

How to feed the hedgehogs in your garden

Apart from bread and milk, hedgehogs can be fed pretty much anything. Ideally, place a plate of cat food with finely chopped peanuts or peanut butter in your garden in the evening to avoid fly eggs. You will then need to clear away any remaining food in the morning.

Gardening for happy hedgehogs

There are many little ways you can both make your garden beautiful and hedgehog friendly, perfect for late summer evenings. One of the main things you can do is look for sleeping hedgehogs before you mow or strim any long grass in your garden. You may want to let some areas of your garden grow wild to provide them with a home. Compost heaps and piles of leaves also provide hedgehogs with a home. Plants that attract insects provide a perfect food source, as well as building a pond with shallow edges. This not only increases their food supply, but gives them a constant, easy supply of drinking water.

If you want hedgehogs in your garden, there has to be a way for them to get in first. They generally need a gap of about 5 inches to fit in. Alternatively, you could replace your fences with hedges. Finally, make sure any holes, drains and pits are securely covered so they don’t fall in.

By following these tips and advice, you’ll be able to sit and relax in your conservatory, watching these beautiful little creatures live a safe and happy life in your garden.

Gardening jobs for autumn

Tuesday 25th August 2015

We’re almost in September now, and soon summer will seem like a distant memory – if you can call three days of sun in two months summer that is! You’ve enjoyed all the gorgeous colours of your flowers in bloom this summer, and reaped the benefits of your home grown vegetables in your summer salads, but now it’s time to knuckle down and prepare your garden for the colder months.

Here’s our list of the jobs you should be doing in early, mid, and late autumn...

Early autumn

Mid autumn

Late autumn

Hopefully by completing the relevant tasks on this list you’ll protect your garden during the harsh winter months, and you can expect a blooming garden again come spring!

One mrvelous customer with a SOH :-)

Monday 10th August 2015

Goods received in full today and can't see any issues. Will try it tomorrow (probably when it's raining I guess!)


Many thanks for quick service and an excellent product. Despite research and many other products available on other sites, yours seemed to be the only one with full flexibility, lightweight, and ease of use that I was looking for as a retiree.




Rex Gardner

Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.
"Senility Prayer"...God grant me...
The senility to forget the people I never liked The good fortune to run into the ones that I do And the eyesight to tell the difference." Have a great week!


Winterising your home – everything you need to know

Friday 31st July 2015

Winter is coming, and with it the biting temperatures that can cause damage to your property. Many home owners don’t realise the importance of winterising their home until it’s too late, and they find themselves having to pay out on hefty repair bills.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, we have put together a guide on getting your home ready for winter.

Kill the draft – Everyone has experienced a cold draft sneaking under doors and setting in. Not only does it mean cold air getting in, but it also means that the warm air in the room is escaping. Think of ways you can block these drafts during winter. The most obvious and popular choice is to purchase a draft snake that sits in the gap beneath your doors, cutting off any escape for the heat.

One study has shown that a draft can waste up to 30% of energy per year!

De-clutter the gutter – The water in your gutters needs to flow freely for them to work effectively. After autumn, you can expect leaves and debris to have floated down into your gutter. Clean yours out before winter sets in to stop water blockages, and heavy icicles forming.

Switch your ceiling fans – your ceiling fans are probably saviours in hot sticky summer months. But did you know they can come in handy during winter too? Set them in a clockwise motion so that they can push the hot hair along the ceiling and towards the floor.

Switch out air filters – Your HVAC system has probably endured a heavy few summer months. All that use also means that its filters are pretty clogged up. Now’s the time to switch/clean them ensuring the system’s lifespan and efficiency.

Fill in the gaps – We already mentioned gaps under your doors, but they aren’t the only place heat can escape, and cold air break in. Your property is most likely full of little holes, holes that usually occur down the sides of windows and doors. Get yourself a tube of caulk and fill them all in. It’s a small job that makes a big difference. 

How to get window cleaning customers

Wednesday 1st July 2015

When starting any new business venture, the most important factor to consider is how you’re going to win new customers and to get your business off the ground. This is consistent no matter your product or service. Window cleaning businesses require a slightly different approach to marketing, compared to other businesses. Here’s a look at five tips for generating customers for your window cleaning business.

Put on a Professional Appearance

One quality that never fails to attract customers is professionalism. This is the same not matter your business.  As with most decisions, it can be the smallest factor that makes all the difference. A smartly-dressed, neat person with a smile is far more likely to have a positive impact than someone that doesn’t possess these qualities.

Once you have the right image, it’s time to consider the right message. First impressions matter, this is no more apparent than in business. Being polite and professional in your initial and subsequent meetings is paramount. This can make the difference between attracting and repelling potential customers.

Business Cards

One of the shrewdest ways to have your customers remember who you are is to have an elegantly-designed business card. Your business card should include all relevant contact details, be neatly designed and engaging.

When marketing your window cleaning business it’s important to place your business card in the hands of as many potential customers as possible. From neighbours to family and friends make sure that you get the word out. A good place to start is to visit local businesses and offer them your business card.

Flyer, Flyer and Flyer Again

Flyers are still an astute and effective form of marketing, this is certainly the case for window cleaners. The imagery on your flyer should draw the attention of your prospective, and existing customers and the copy should clearly outline your service and include all relevant information.

Why not target local business and strategically flyer where you believe your service will be noticed. If you’re feeling especially bold, you could always pay a personal visit, introduce yourself and place a flyer or business card directly in the business owner’s hand.

Respond Professionally

If you encounter a rebuke from a business owner, it’s important to remain personal and courteous. One of the most accepted for of marketing is word of mouth. If you don’t take the rebuke well, the business owner may respond by letting other targeted areas know of your impoliteness. This is especially important when targeting a large industrial estate with a number of potential clients.

If, on the other hand, you have an overwhelmingly positive response and a potential customer asks for a quotation, remain positive. If you have an idea of your prices and payment methods, be prompt, if not, take their details and get back to them promptly.

Have You Considered a Website?

In today’s contemporary world, we all use the internet to search for products or services. Why not employ a reputable but affordable designer to build you an engaging and optimised website? This may produce clients from a wider area, and be worth then initial investment.

Setting up a new business venture can be challenging. However, if you crack the initial marketing stages, you’re on your way to having a prosperous window cleaning business. 

Why cleaning is fab for fitness

Tuesday 2nd June 2015

We might stock some of the best window cleaning equipment on the market at H & G Promotions but that doesn’t mean to say we like doing household chores. Our products make life easier for tasks around the house, but you still have to get stuck in and physically complete these chores, which can be tedious at the best of times.

Look at this from a different perspective and it might just make you feel a little better. Cleaning, gardening, washing windows and conservatories is actually good for you - remarkably, they’re a great way to burn excess calories!

Read these findings from a recent study and you’ll see what we mean.

Household Chores That Burn Calories:


Turn soil over in your garden for 30 minutes or so and you will burn up to 315 calories. Do this on a warm day and you’ll work up a sweat, which helps to remove toxins from the body. Digging is demanding, it uses the thigh and calf muscles, plus it’s good for your heart.  

Painting and Decorating

Give your house a mini makeover and this is another way to improve fitness levels, or at least, have a quick, short-term workout. All that bending and stretching, climbing up and down ladders, lifting and carrying tins of paint, or rolls of paper, can burn up to 160 calories in a mere 30 minutes.

Making the Beds

Changing the sheets in the bedrooms at your property is also a good way of working out. Swap the sheets over, change duvet covers, slip new pillowcases on and within 30 minutes you can burn around 130 calories which isn’t bad, seen as you had to make the beds up anyway.

Washing Windows

You can even burn calories by washing the windows at home. Go around the property cleaning all glazed areas and this gives your upper body a workout, especially if use a telescopic, water-fed pole. Experts estimate you can work off around 125 calories if you have a large number of windows to clean at home.

Think of how fit you are getting when you carry out household chores at home. If you need cleaning equipment, ladders, or gardening tools to help you out with the tasks, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at H&G.   

Window/glass cleaners for Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Tuesday 5th May 2015

Pleased to advise we have supplied Blackpool Pleasure Beach with our Window /Glass cleaning equipment.

Why Bird Droppings Ruin Your Car’s Bodywork

Thursday 30th April 2015

How much time to you devote to cleaning the windows around your home? Possibly you have a professional window cleaner that does this task for you, or maybe you have a conservatory cleaning kit that removes blemishes as and when they occur.

Window washing systems are really useful for removing all types of grime. They shift general dirt and remove stubborn stains like bird droppings, which can cause further problems if left untreated.

Bird droppings look horrendous on glazed areas and they cause severe damage if left too long on the paintwork of vehicles. For years the motoring public was convinced it was the limescale within the droppings that caused the damage, however new research by vehicle wax experts Autoglym proves this simply isn’t the case.

The impact of Guano on vehicle paintwork

The research team at Autoglym has been busy. They spent time analysing the effects of bird droppings on car bodywork and the results they came up with make an interesting read.

Studies show that vehicle paint lacquer softens in warm sunlight and it also expands. Normally this is fine. If a bird leaves a deposit on your car though in these types of conditions, it can start a chain of events.

When droppings land on your car’s paintwork the sun hardens them. This is fine as long as you wash the dirt off as soon as you possibly can, leave it until the lacquer starts to cool and you have genuine issues on your hands. 

Cooling lacquer causes problems

When paint lacquer cools as temperatures drop it starts to contract. The lacquer starts to harden, it moulds itself around the droppings on the paintwork and afterwards, when you wash the hardened Guana off the car, it leaves a visible imprint.

For years we’ve been blaming limescale for this problem when in fact, it was a combination of factors that led to damage being caused.      

There’s a simple fix!

Obviously there’s a quick fix available which prevents this chain of events from happening in the first place. Spot the problem straight away and you can rectify the situation, wash the droppings off before they harden and your paintwork will be saved.

If you require cleaning products to wash seagull mess or wild bird droppings off your property, don’t hesitate to contact us at HG Promotions. 

Watch 100 years of fitness fads play out in 100 seconds

Thursday 2nd April 2015


Watch 100 years of fitness fads play out in 100 seconds

Thursday 2nd April 2015

Between high-intensity this and low-impact that — and of course the omnipresence of yoga pants — it seems safe to say that our society is obsessed with fitness. But that's nothing new!

There's even a viral video, with more than 1.5 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on March 19, that illustrates that point perfectly.

Afternoon Slump ?

Thursday 2nd April 2015

Afternoon slump? Try these 5 sure-fire energy boosters

It’s perfectly natural to have an afternoon energy lull. So what should you do? A walk or deep breathing helps, but if it’s been a few hours since lunch, you might want a little refueling. What kind of snack gives a nutritional boost and good taste? The ideal afternoon boost is a combination of protein, fat and smart carbohydrates within the 100-200 calorie range.


Jobs for April

Wednesday 1st April 2015

1.  Sow hardy annuals in pots.  In mild areas, these can be sown directly outside.
2.  Plant out young plants of hardy annuals that were sown in February/March
3.  Sow sweet peas outside.  Plant out Autumn-sown sweet peas and make wigwam supports.
4.  Apply general fertiliser to borders and beds.
5.  Hoe borders to keep weeds at bay.
6.  Pot on potbound plants.
7.  Put out bug boxes or insect hotels to encourage beneficial insects to the garden
8.  Hang sticky traps among plants to catch whitefly and other pests.
9.  Keep fleece at hand to cover plants if frost is forecast.
10.  Rake out dead grass from lawns

Picking and planting your first fruit tree

Tuesday 24th March 2015

Plant a fruit tree in your garden and you’ll be able to ‘pick your own’ when the crop matures and finally ripens. Apples, plums, pear or fig trees are just some of the options you might want to consider and planting and taking care of your new tree isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.

To give you some idea of how simple it is to plant and nurture a fruit tree here are some suggestions from HG Promotions, keep reading to become a bit of a tree growing expert.

Choosing the tree

First things first, before you plant a tree you need to decide on the type of fruit you want to grow. Apple trees are one of the most common varieties grown in the UK but you could be a little bit different and choose pear, plum fig or cherry trees. One thing to bear in mind is the time of year when the fruit ripens. This varies and some fruit trees bear fruit earlier on in the year whereas a few leave it until the autumn.

As a brief guide, apple trees normally crop from September to October, whilst cherry trees are ready for picking during July. Choose your tree depending on crop type and the time of year you want to harvest the produce.

Getting ready to plant

Before you plant the tree prepare the roots thoroughly. When you buy a tree you can either choose bare rooted options or species that are already planted in containers. Bare root trees should be planted in the late autumn whereas trees grown within a container can be planted throughout the year. 

Give bare roots a good soaking prior to planting and avoid planting in frosty conditions or when the soil is too wet or too dry      

Pick the perfect position

Trees thrive in sunny but sheltered conditions so bear this in mind when you are choosing the planting spot. Ideally you should dig a hole that’s a third wider than the roots and make sure it’s deep enough to cater for the roots.

Plant the tree into the hole and stake it into position before filling the hole in with the excavated soil and mound this around the base.  Soil should be firm but not overly compacted, the roots need space to breathe.

Water well and add a little mulch

Give the tree a thorough watering and apply a layer of mulch around the base. We suggest you gently water the tree allowing plenty of time for the fluid to sink down into the roots. During dry weather water the tree regularly to keep the soil moist, it should be damp without being saturated, too much water can have a detrimental effect. 

A good way to prevent disease from attacking your tree is to use a high reach spray system. This is perfect for natural liquid fertilisers and it’s something we have in stock at HG Promotions right now.       

Now all you have to do is wait patiently. Before long you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labour!

Gardening Jobs for March

Saturday 7th March 2015

1   Sow hardy annuals in modular trays and propagators

2  Plant summer flowering bulbs, shallots and onions using a handy bulb planter.

3.  Lift and divide hostas and other herbaceous perennials

4.  Cover rows of strawberries to encourage early fruiting using a cloche or grow tunnel

5.  Plant early potatoes outside in rows, or in large pots or grow bags

6.  Protect new growth on lilies, delphiniums, hostas and other plants such as Autumn sown sweet peas from slugs and snails.

7.  Get supports and canes in  early so plants grow up through them, covering them discreetly

8.  Check tree ties and stakes.  Replace or adjust them where necessary

9.  Prune roses before any new leaves unfurl

Tidy Your Garden Ready For Spring With These Tips

Thursday 26th February 2015

Creating a beautiful garden takes time and a lot of work but there are a number of things you can do in spring to help. Cleaning away any remnants of the cold months as well as planning when to plant things, is all important. At H & G Promotions we have some top tips so that you can achieve a lovely blossoming garden come summer.


Tidy up the mess from winter

Have a general tidy up of your garden so that you can start freshly planting things. Winter can cause many problems and leave behind a lot of traces. Remove leaves and debris from your flower borders, lawns and ponds. If you spread a layer of winter mulch to protect plants, early spring is the time to remove this once plants start shooting up and the weather gets warmer.


Prune the roses

Early spring is a good time to start pruning your roses as this is usually when new growths will start to emerge. Cutting roses back encourages healthier and stronger growth. This in turn will result in a lot of beautiful flowers. Keeping a rose bush tidy also gives the blossoms more room to grow and makes the plant less susceptible to diseases such as black spot.


Plant trees and shrubs

Spring’s cool weather makes it the perfect season to plant many trees and shrubs. Once the chill of winter has passed and before the heat of the summer comes, make the most of the moist conditions. Avoid planting trees or shrubs too deeply though. The root flare, where the roots meet the trunk, should be just above soil level to encourage best growth. Trees and shrubs can add value to your property so should be considered alongside other plants.


Start planting seeds

You can save a lot of money by growing plants directly from seeds and it is rewarding to watch your shoots suddenly pop up. Start your seeding early by keeping them indoors, otherwise when the garden is moist, sprinkle seeds directly into the soil. Seeds can be stored until the next year if you don’t use them all at once, as long as they’re kept in a cool, dry place. Some seeds for flowers or fruits may need a longer season and can be planted at the end of February before spring hits.


Stay on top of weeds

Weeding is the bane of gardeners everywhere but it is also crucial to achieving a beautiful garden. It can take time and be a rather laborious task but the best thing to do is stop weeds when they’re small. This will save you from a longer job along the line. Stay on top of weeding by making it a regular duty throughout the spring months in particular.


We can help get your garden ready in time for spring here at H & G Promotions. Our team offers conservatory and window washing equipment to get rid of all of the grime and dirt from the winter months. Contact us today for more information and check out our blog for further gardening tips.

How to grow garlic

Monday 5th January 2015

Whether planting an autumn
or spring variety, it is better
to sow before the last frost.
The plant benefits from
experiencing cold
temperatures. This is called
vernalising. As a general
rule, Autumn sowing bulbs
should be in the ground
before December, and
spring varieties up to April.
Garlic loves the sun, so
choose the sunniest
position. It will grow well in
most fertile, well-draining
soils, but it doesn’t like it to
be too acidic. Soil should
be well aerated by frequent
hoeing, and should be kept
well watered from spring
until about two weeks
before harvest.
Turn over the soil to at least
a spade’s depth and create
a fine layer of topsoil.
Break the bulb into cloves,
discarding any unhealthy
ones. Plant cloves pointed
tip up, and cover with at at
least 3-4cm of loose soil.
Do not over-compact the
soil. You can either make
individual holes for the
cloves, or create a furrow.
Space cloves from larger
bulbs at least 15cm apart,
and 10cm for smaller
varieties. You can also
grow garlic in pots - allow 4
cloves per 15cm pot.

About two months after
planting, the first green
shoots will emerge. Autumn
sowings will be slower to
emerge than spring. From
March onwards, keep the
area well watered, and hoe
regularly to keep as weed
free as you can. Most soil
types won’t require any
extra feeding, but if you feel
yours does, add some
sulphate of potash at a rate
of 100g per square metre.
Do this in February.
Hardneck varieties may
product scapes - flower
buds - in early summer. It’s
a good idea to remove
these, as they will use up
goodness which would
otherwise go into producing
a bigger bulb.
Don’t throw them away,
however, as they are
delicious chopped and stirfried
in olive oil & salt.

5 tips for a more energy efficient conservatory

Tuesday 23rd December 2014

Conservatories are handy extensions to your homes; they can be used for all sorts of purposes. However, many people are put of using their conservatory, especially in the winter months. Make your conservatory more energy efficient, and, therefore, environmentally friendly by following our four simple steps.

Double glazing

Double glazing offers excellent energy efficiency for homes throughout the country. Not only is a double layer of glazing provided, but the air between the two panes also traps heat, allowing it to remain in the room for longer. Ensure that your double glazing is in good condition, especially before or during the winter, for your home to remain as energy efficient as possible.

Draught exclusion

It may seem simple put blocking draughts out is one of the best, cheapest and simplest ways to combat energy loss within your conservatory. Even the tiniest of gaps around the doors or windows can cause a great decrease in the temperature of the room. If your room is colder than you’d like it will take more energy to keep it warm, costing both you and the planet greatly.


All brand new buildings should be adequately insulated, however if your conservatory or extension is fairly old it may not be as energy efficient as it could be. Double check the insulation situation within your conservatory’s walls. Of course, if your conservatory is completely glazed this will not be possible, in this case follow the previous two steps more closely.

Sun trap

A south-facing conservatory will receive a lot of head in the summer months; make the most of this while you can by letting as much light and heat in as possible. Pull the curtains and blinds back during the day and close them as soon as it starts to become a little chillier to trap any remaining heat in. Make the most of nature’s heating before turning yours on.

Underfloor heating

While underfloor heating does use energy it is much more energy efficient than many heating systems. As the systems are fairly modern they have been designed to use as little energy as possible whilst still producing great results. Also, as underfloor heating directly heats the material of the floor, it provides a much more efficient method of heating than wall radiators do.

The most annoying thing about your conservatory

Friday 28th November 2014

Owning a conservatory is one of life’s great pleasures. It can also be the root of all evil if you listen to some people. They’re happy to list the problems attributed to owning a conservatory, forgetting about all the positive reasons why they wanted a glass extension in the first place.

Sure, they’re not perfect but conservatories do create extra living space and on the whole, they’re practical and enjoyable places to be. 

Here at HG Promotions we truly appreciate conservatory spaces and sell a unique range of products designed to keep the glazing on your glass extension in pristine condition. Just for fun though, we thought we’d look a little closer at some of the problems that are often attributed to glass conservatories, can you relate to any of the following?

Steamy windows

During winter all areas of your home will be prone to outbreaks of condensation. Sadly, a conservatory is one area that seems to suffer more than other regions in the household. Fail to shut the conservatory doors as you boil pasta on the hob and don’t be too surprised if all that glazing starts to fog-up with steam.

Still, look on the bright side. At least it’ll keep the kids occupied as they wait for a meal to be served. They can draw steam-based pictures all over the glazing.... Oh dear...  

Sullied outlook

Look up at glazing when you are in a conservatory and you’ll be lucky if the glass is free from blemishes. Bird mess, salt spray, moss, algae and other unsightly substances will more than likely sully the outlook.

There is a remedy for this. Use a conservatory and greenhouse roof cleaning system from HG Promotions and the only thing you’ll be looking at is clear sky through your glazed extension.  

Inquisitive neighbours

Nobody likes an inquisitive neighbour. We’re being polite here as well. When we say ‘inquisitive’ we actually mean nosey, you know the type, they’re always out ‘tending’ to their garden, hanging out washing or simply loitering around every time you sit inside your conservatory. 

Don’t give them the satisfaction. Keep your conservatory spotless with one of our glass cleaning systems and if you find their presence is becoming a little overbearing, shut them out with window drapes.

These are minor problems of course. A glass conservatory should provide you with many years of pleasure, and it will if you care for it with any of our cleaning products. 

Gutter Cleaning

Tuesday 11th November 2014

Maintaining your guttering is one of the most important things you can do to prevent water damage to your home.

12 months guarantee

Tuesday 11th November 2014

12 Months guarantee on all products

5 Autumn Tips To Prepare Your Garden For This Winter

Monday 29th September 2014

We may still have a couple of months until the winter chill well and truly settles in but autumn is the perfect time to start preparing your garden for the changing seasons. At H & G Promotions we know how important it is to keep your garden looking nice all year round. Just because the summer is over and your garden seems to be wilting a bit, make the most of the milder weather and start preparing for the harsh winter months now.Remove greenhouse shading and clean inside

With the shortening days, sunlight becomes even more valuable to your plants. Removing the shade paint in your greenhouse will make sure your plants get the necessary amount of sunlight to continue to grow. If you need help cleaning the outside of your greenhouse, get in touch today. We can offer window cleaning services or supply equipment for DIY cleaning. Don’t forget to give the inside of your greenhouse a blitz too, removing any plant debris, washing old pots and disinfecting the glass.

Weed and trim the edges and bushes

Key an eye on weeds you may have already treated and make sure they don’t continue to spread. Rejuvenate lawns with an autumn feeding and gather up any fallen leaves or debris for the compost bin. Hedges need to be pruned for the last time before the winter months to prevent decay from damp. Don’t cut shrubs and bushes too much although this varies according to type. We recommend you check with local garden centres or plant labels for more information.

Take cuttings and plant bulbs

Many people don’t realise that bulbs can be planted in autumn but it is in fact a good time for planting. The soil tends to have more moisture because of the regular showers and the ground is still warm. Bulbs planted in autumn germinate from the soil at the right time in spring to reveal beautiful flowers. Take cuttings from herbs and keep in small containers of potting mix.

Protect your ponds with nets

Save yourself the trouble of cleaning out your pond by spreading and pinning a fine meshed net across the pond. This way any fallen leaves will not be able to decompose in the water which could make it dirty and block the filters on the pumps. Regularly remove any leaves caught on the net to the compost bin.


Clear out last year’s compost bin

After your autumn garden tidying you will no doubt have generated a lot of compost. Clear out last year’s supply and use it around the garden to make room for the new waste. Avoid overflowing your compost with one particular thing; a mixture makes for better compost.

If you need help cleaning your windows this autumn, here at H & G Promotions in Kidderminster we lead the way in conservatory and window washing equipment for all kinds of applications. Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about our services.


How to make sure you garden shed is secure

Thursday 4th September 2014

Don’t let your garden shed entice burglars into your backyard. Secure your precious garden tools with these six tips.

Location – Firstly, consider where your shed is placed in your back garden. Your first instinct will be to place it where it’s most practical, but consider security implications of that placement. Is it easily seen from the front of the house? Is it hidden away where a burglar could have a go at it out of sight?

Find the sweet spot where you can see the shed from your property, but it can’t be seen from the street out front. A burglar won’t want to have a go if they suspect someone can see them.

Windows – If you use your garden shed for things other than storing your garden equipment, like woodwork, then you’ll need good lighting. The best way to do that is to have big windows installed to let natural light stream in.

You must be careful though, not to turn your shed into a shop window for thieves. When you’ve finished cover your windows with cardboard or bin bags, so that inquisitive, curious burglar can’t see what’s inside.

Hinges – The biggest weakness of any shed is of course the hinges. You install a padlock and then a burglar comes along, simply removes the hinges and takes the door off. Security foiled.

Look for non-returnable screws on your hinges, and keep an eye out for specially designed security hinges.

Access – If a burglar can take a stroll down the side of your house and into your backyard, they will. Don’t make access to your garden easy for them. Throw up a fence or add some prickly hedges to your yard. Make it an unappealing prospect for a burglar to try and get into.

Alarms – Installing an alarm on the outside of your shed is the best deterrent. No burglar wants to try and break into an alarmed property.

Lock it up – Sounds obvious but many gardeners don’t bother locking their shed up correctly. Purchase a good, sturdy padlock or hasp and make sure you put it to use every time you leave the shed! 

Lawn care tips for hot weather

Thursday 24th July 2014

Wow how hot has it been lately? Like most of the country, we’ve been enjoying the best of the balmy weather at HG Promotions, we’ve topped up our tans and been tending our garden as best we can.

One area of concern during the hot weather is lawn care. Left to dry out, turf soon starts to show signs of wear and tear and that’s a genuine worry.

We’ve been thinking about this and thought we’d share some of our lawn care tips with you, this way your turf should look just as good as ours!

This is what we do...   

Cut back on cutting grass - For starters, we’d recommend leaving the grass a little longer than you would normally during hot weather, resist the temptation and cut the grass less frequently.  Yes, this is an alien concept, especially if you like to keep the blades as short as possible but leave it an inch or so longer this should prevent the turf turning a horrible brown or yellow colour.

Raise those blades – One way to ensure you don’t cut the lawn too short is to raise the height of the blades on your lawnmower. They’re easy to adjust and once you have lifted the height it’ll stop you from being too enthusiastic with your lawn care regime.

Water during the evening – There’s no need to water your lawn too frequently during the daytime, all that moisture will simply be evaporated by the blazing hot sun. Leave watering until the evening when it starts to get cooler, use a sprinkler (as long as there are no hose pipe bans in place) and make sure the water penetrates right into the turf.

Prick the lawn – A good tip to ensure the water is penetrating right down into the soil is to gently prick the turf with a garden fork. Ideally you should be aiming to saturate the soil at a depth of around 4 inches, go round the turf pricking it in various locations prior to watering and give it a good drink!

Keep off the grass!  Lastly, steer clear of the lawn once you have watered it, don’t trample over the turf, let the water sink into the soil. As the sprinklers do their thing sit back and enjoy the delights of your garden, nothing beats the sight of a green and lush lawn on a summer’s evening.   

Enjoy the rest of the sunny weather folks and don’t forget to slap on the sun lotion!

The Benefits of Using Platform Ladders

Monday 30th June 2014

Anyone undertaking home renovations should have the right equipment to get the job done. Not only is the right equipment essential for completing the work efficiently but, necessary for safety. Any home improvements that are to be made in elevated spaces must be completed with secure elevated platforms. Platform ladders are one of the surest ways to reach difficult and elevated positions.

When labouring at an elevated height, balance is essential. Not only will you need to keep any home improvement essentials like plaster and paint cans in an easy to reach position but, you need to be safe and secure when perched atop the ladder. For this reason platform ladders are essential.

Over the last few years there has been an exponential growth and demand for the domestic use of platform ladders. Traditionally employed solely for use in a commercial and construction setting, these ladders have become a firm favourite for domestic use.

The Benefits of Platform Ladders

The primary benefit of platform ladders is that are reliable, durable and above all else stable. They are more comfortable than a standard ladder, and feature a large platform ledge to stand. Many traditional ladders do not feature such a wide space. This may result in accidents.

The additional bonus if enjoyed a larger platform ledge is that this space allows you the opportunity to store those essentials for the job in hand. From paint cans and brushes to scrapers and a wealth of different tools, the space afforded by platform ladders is far superior to traditional ladders.

Platform ladders make any jobs all the more simple. This cannot be argued, however the safety offered by such ladders is another primary selling point. Their safety allows you to complete all work more proficiently as you needn’t be concerned with falling from the height. Platform ladders are designed with safety in mind. The steps, platform and general environment are all designed with safety in mind.

Platform ladders additionally feature a folding mechanism. This allows the ladders to be easily folded and stored in a compact space. They are generally reasonably lightweight and can be moved from one position to another with ease – yet another benefit and reason to use platform ladders.

Whether choosing to employ platform ladders outdoors or indoors you can rest-assured that they offer you superlative elevation solutions. Don’t opt for traditional ladders – platform ladders are a must.

Gardening recycling tips for the eco-friendly home

Thursday 1st May 2014

Before you throw waste away this summer stop and think for minute, could you find a practical use for some of the products you are about to thrown in the bin? Sift through those waste items and we reckon you could reuse some of them in the garden, here are a few suggestions to start you off.

Folding garden barrow made in UK

Monday 24th February 2014

Supplying Met office to clean offshore installations

Saturday 22nd February 2014

We are proud to announce the latest contract to supply cleaning equipment to the Met Office, used in conjunction with their off shore installations. Meeting their exacting standards.

Centrica, British gas, sysems to clean sensors on gas platforms, North Sea

Saturday 22nd February 2014

Centrica have ordered and are using our cleaning systems with free standing 5 lt back packs to remove salt and spray from gas sensors mounted on gas drilling rigs in the  North Sea. If these sensors are not kept clean they can go off as a false alarm and shut a platform prodution down. H & G Promotions systems were chosen for their rugged and simple operation in treacherous conditons and professional over night back up service. We are proud to be associated with the British gas industry.

Cleaning equipment used by leading cider maker H.Weston & Sons Ltd

Thursday 20th February 2014

Henry Westons & Sons ltd, cider makers, have recently ordered our window & brush cleaning system to cope with high volumes of glass cleaning and with the add on brush for gentle removal of staining and atmospheric dirt on stainless steel tanks. Their Special Vintage Reserve Cider 8.2% is magnificent, I am addicted !! See their web site www.westons-cider.co.uk

The advantages of a Youngman total access system

Thursday 20th February 2014

How do you normally tackle painting, pruning or maintenance tasks around the home? Are you one of the many people that wobbles and judders on the top platform of a stepladder, dearly hoping you’ll stay safe long enough to see the task through? We’ve all been there but it’s madness to put yourself in peril, especially when the Youngman total access system is designed to make DIY tasks a breeze. It gives you the lift you need to work in total confidence and we thing the access system is amazing at H&G Promotions, here are some of its best features.

  1. It’s lightweight – The Youngman only weighs 14.9kgs so there’ll be no more carrying heavy ladders around your home. It has two rung sections with 5 steps on each side and a handy platform that connects in the middle. This lightweight system is easy to carry so it’s perfect for a range of DIY tasks around the home. Lift it, shift it, set it up and you’ll be beavering away before you know it.

  2. 2.       It’s durable – It might be light but the Youngman is made from hardy aluminium materials which mean it’s very robust. This tough little system will give you all the support you need for countless tasks over the years and provide you with plenty of service during its lifetime.

  3. It’s compact – This clever total access system folds flat for easy storage, pop it on the wall of your garage, store it in your shed, stick it in the basement or the loft and bring it out when you need a little help. Thanks to its compact size the Youngman system is easy to transport, pop it in your van or slide it over the rear seats in your hatchback and you’ll be good to go in seconds.

  4. It’s got multi-features – The biggest advantage of the Youngman total access system is the multi-functional design. It easily converts into an extension ladder, double sided stepladder, stairwell ladder and work platform, so no matter what type of job you have on your hands, you’ll be able to reach with no problem thanks to this nifty piece of kit.

For more details check out the full specification of the Youngman on our website, we think you’ll love it just as much as we do at H&G Promotions Ltd.

British Nuclear Fuels Limited. New Contract

Wednesday 19th February 2014

H & G Promotions gains a valued contract to supply cleaning equipment, telescopic long reach poles to BNFL at Sellafield

Balfour Beatty using our cleaning systems since 2010 & now using our telescopic poles with pump up spray units

Monday 17th February 2014

Used to clean high gantry signs on motorways and dual carriageways

5 steps to get your garden ready for spring

Monday 3rd February 2014

We stock a range of gardening tools at H & G Promotions and like to potter around the garden when we get the chance. We might be in the midst of winter at the moment but judging by how quickly the time is passing, spring will be here in the blink of an eye. So be prepared, there are little jobs you can perform as winter draws to a close which means your garden will be ready for the spring.

Prep soil: As soon as winter starts drawing to a close prepare the soil ready for the new season. This is the ideal time to clear away debris from the beds, remove dead leaves, twigs and other unwanted items. Get rid of all the waste then turn the soil and add compost, manure or anything organic that helps to feed the soil.

Power wash patios: Winter can be cruel to gardens so give those exterior areas a really good clean with a power washer. Blast away grime and bring brickwork and stone back to life, clean benches or other items of garden furniture that have been left out over winter as well.

Fix fences: If certain parts of your garden have been battered by storms over the winter fix any damage that you find. Repair gates or fences that are showing signs of distress and give them a fresh coat of paint or apply a little wood preserve.

Wash greenhouses: Get rid of the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your greenhouse over the winter using our glass cleaning systems at H&G. Have your greenhouse clean and sparkling ready for the spring when you can begin the gardening season once more.

Create a plan: Sit down with a pencil and a bit of paper and draw up new plans for the garden. Write down the areas you’d like to improve, gradually buy the items you need in February and March and when spring bursts onto the scene be ready to put your plan in action.  

Garden tools you can’t live without

Monday 3rd February 2014

Our last blog gave you a few ideas of how to prepare the garden for spring, it’s that time of year when our thoughts are turned to warmer weather, lighter nights and hopefully, plenty of sunny days in the garden! Maybe we’re asking too much from the British weather but it doesn’t do any harm to be prepared, pack your shed or garage with garden tools and you’ll be good to go when the weather is fine. We’ve drawn up a short list of tools to buy for the garden, they’ll keep your plot pristine right through to the autumn.

  1. Spade: Great for digging projects in the garden, buy a quality spade and it’ll serve you well over the years.

  2. Fork: Another useful tool and good for turning soil in borders, look for lightness, look for robustness and look for a ‘D’ handled fork 

  3. Shears: We stock various types of garden shears at H & G Promotions Ltd look at our garden tool section and you’ll find an eclectic mix of items.  As well as standard garden shears that are brilliant for trimming privets, you’ll find extending shears for hard to reach bushes, edging shears for lawns, long handled shears for troublesome areas of grass and plenty of other cutting tools that keep your garden neat and tidy.

  4. Pruners: Keep rose bushes, shrubs and trees neat and tidy with a proven pruning tool. We have cutters, saws and countless pruning tools that are easy to use and hardy and tough too.

  5. Rake: A garden rake clears debris from borders and a grass rake is useful for collecting cuttings when you have trimmed the lawn. Plus once the summer is over and the leaves start to fall on your lawn a hardy rake will help you gather them into neat piles.

  6. Kneeling pad/seat: It can be hard going in the garden, all that bending and kneeling tending to shrubs starts to take a toll on your body after a while. So we recommend a kneeling pad at HG, it saves back strain and it’s the perfect place to sit down, rest and have a brew whilst admiring your handy work.

Happy gardening everybody!

Quick conservatory makeover tips

Friday 24th January 2014

Use one of our conservatory cleaning kits to leave your glazing sparkling and you can focus your attention on transforming the rest of the room. We’ve been looking at interior design ideas for conservatories at HG Promotions and come up with a few suggestions for you to try.

Ryan Air Cleaning Equipment Order

Thursday 23rd January 2014

H & G Promotions is pleased to be associated with Ryan Air in the supply of high reach cleaning telescopic poles, porcupine swivel heads and brushes for the removal of snow & dirt off hard to reach windows and no walk areas on aircraft at all UK & Dublin airports & again repeat orders earlier in 2010,2011 and 2012,hurrah for the snow !

Cleaning your conservatory the easy way

Thursday 23rd January 2014

Use one of our conservatory cleaning kits on the outside of the glazing and by now you should have sparkling results. What about the inside of the conservatory though? Now that the exterior looks amazing isn’t it time to give the interior a little tender loving care? This article examines the art of cleaning a conservatory and gives you tips on how to keep the interior gleaming.

  1. Clean the roof: Use one of our telescopic cleaning systems to clean the underside of the roof first. Then you can move onto the other windows of the conservatory and you should be able to reach them from ground level or by using a small step ladder.

  2. Remove jewellery: Before you start to clean the interior of your conservatory take off any rings or watches you are wearing. Jewellery should be removed prior to hand cleaning to prevent the glass from getting scratched.

  3. Get a bucket ready: Mix warm water with a good glass cleaning solution, we recommend ‘Squeegee Off’ for the best results. It’s easy to mix, just add 2 teaspoons of the soap to every 4 litres of water and you are good to go.

  4. Sponge grime away: Cover windows in the soapy solutions one panel at a time and simply squeegee the mixture off for gleaming results. You shouldn’t need to use any other cleaners after you have used the soapy mixture, just wipe off any access water with a dry cloth.

  5. Continue until all the glass is clean: Go around your conservatory cleaning all the glazed areas and to save time wipe down the framework as you go along. This should leave the windows of the conservatory streak-free and next you can concentrate on the floors.

  6. Sweep up first: Use a brush and pan or vacuum debris off the floor before cleaning it with a mop. Use an approved cleaning agent for the type of flooring you have fitted and let it dry completely before you step on it again.

Follow this plan and you’ll have a really clean conservatory in six simple steps.

5 iconic buildings made from glass

Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Our glass cleaning products are designed to leave smear-free results regardless of how much glazing you have to clean. Still, we wouldn’t fancy cleaning the following buildings any time soon, they are literally covered in glass!

What to clean in time for Christmas

Thursday 5th December 2013

You’ll be busy shopping for presents as Christmas draws nearer week by week so the last thing on your mind will be getting the home spruced up in time for all the fun and festivities. A clean home is a healthy home though so think about spending time doing some of the cleaning on our list to get your house ready for Christmas day.

Blackpool Beach Leisure park

Tuesday 13th August 2013

We are proud to supply Blackpool Leisure Park our systems for cleaning all manner of thir apparatus and fixtures.

10" Medium Firm Brush with wrap around bristles £10.15

Monday 5th January 2009

• This brush is very usefull for cleaning awkard gutter sections,down pipes,soffits and the top decoration on conservatory,Suited for heavier soiling on Polycarbonate or Glass roof sections, woodwork, glasshouses, guttering, fascias, caravans, boats, truck etc. Not cars
• Threaded end so fits any pole or cleaning system we sell

Latest 10" & 14" Microfibre cloths

Tuesday 29th May 2007

Microfibre Cloth. Latest technology soft deep pile designed to absorb dirt particles without spreading them from one surface to another. Ideal for cleaning leaded light windows where squeeging off is not effective, leaded section lifts off squeegee blade and stops contact with the glass where as the micro fibre glove moulds to the leaded sections as the cleaning head passes over. Also good for a final buffing of windows & other surfaces. Machine washable.

New,Inline Detergent Applicator 160ml capacity. Will supply soap or water and turn water off.

Tuesday 29th May 2007

Holds 160ml of detergent.You can fill with detergent as much or as little as you like. We recommend the super concentrate detergent as does not foam up too much. Can be fitted inline to either cleaning system. With stop position for water flow or soap on or water on positions. Snap on male connectors compatible with all standard Hose Lock or similar fittings. For final rinsing switch to water ony.
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