November is a critical month for the planting of fruit trees. Plant baby shrubs with bare roots during this month and they will thrive next year. Winter is classified as the ideal time to plant new trees due to it being the dormant season. You can plant them anytime between November and January as long as the ground isn’t frozen, simply aim for a mild day where possible. With regards to the types of species you can plant, we recommend all of the following here at H&G Promotions.
Apple Trees – Bare-rooted apple trees are perfect for a spot of winter planting. Put them in the ground at this time of the year and they won’t suffer from heat, drought, or be subjected to any type of stress. Plant them in November and you can expect ready-to-pick fruit by the following September.
Cherries and Plums – Both of these options are perfect for planting during November and anytime up to January. Gardening experts prefer to plant fruit trees in early winter when there is less chance of the ground freezing. Therefore, November makes the perfect month to get your cherries and plums planted.
Raspberries and Blackberries – Dig holes or make a few trenches, then plant canes of raspberries and blackberries ready for picking next summer. You can fill the holes afterwards with compost or nutrient-rich manure and watch as the plants grow and prosper when the weather gets warmer.
Gooseberries – This is another popular type of berry to plant in November. Gooseberries are container-grown plants and perform especially well if you plant them in the ground at the start of the winter. You’ll be able to pick the fruits next year and include them in a variety of recipes, from chutneys to crumbles, and refreshing sorbets.
With so many interesting bare-root fruit trees ready to plant this November, you really are spoilt for choice. Get busy in the garden at the start of winter, and should you require fruit pickers, pruners, or tree and bush sprayers, don’t hesitate to contact us here at H&G Promotions, or call us on 01299 288372.