It’s easy to overlook solar panel cleaning if you want to save money but this could have a detrimental impact on the operating performance of your system. Once the panels are installed, you expect them to work flawlessly, whether you have them cleaned regularly or not. Although solar panels are happy to harness power even when covered in a layer of grime, it’s advisable to keep them clean to maximise the amount of energy they produce. By not cleaning them, this shouldn’t prevent them from working, but it could create longer-term issues.
Cleaning maximises the power output of solar panels
Routine cleaning will ensure your solar panels are working with the greatest efficiency by harnessing every single ray of sun. Keep the panels clean and you reap the rewards of your investment, squeezing as much power as possible from every panel fitted to your property. It’s no coincidence that solar panel farms around the globe regularly clean their panels to extend their life and enhance the performance levels.
You can check for system faults
Clean solar panels every six months or so and this gives you the opportunity to visually inspect the solar panels to ensure there are no signs of damage. When panels are cleaned, you can tell if any parts have worked their way loose, and you can check if something needs fixing on your solar panel system.
It removes baked on dirt
Waste deposits on solar panels such as baked-on bird droppings not only look unsightly they could affect the operating performance of the system if left unattended. By cleaning solar panels you remove all potential problems and get rid of unsightly waste before it causes an issue.
It looks better too!
Keep your solar panels clean and this improves the overall aesthetics of your property. Placed in such a prominent position, when panels become dirty this spoils the appearance of your house. Put an end to this by cleaning solar panels with a variable angle pivot head cleaner for example, and you cut through dirt, algae, and bird droppings, leaving the panels sparkling afterward.
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