Our telescopic, water-fed window cleaning system is the perfect solution if you want to remove seagull mess from windows. Reaching to upper floor windows, it can also be used on conservatories where it removes bird droppings with ease. Due to the acidic nature of bird droppings, they can often cause a number of problems and we reveal the common issues here.
Damage to Roofing Materials – Due to its acidic nature, bird mess can be caustic to certain types of materials, especially bitumen based products such as asphalt or coal-tar products. Popular as roofing materials, roofing felt can be in danger if droppings are left to accumulate on a roof, as the acid in the excrement will slowly start to eat through the surface layer.
Machinery Damage – Acidic bird mess can be problematic for industrial machinery such as air conditioning units positioned on the top of roofs. If left to accumulate, they can also create a slippery and dangerous area around this type of equipment, and make it hazardous for anyone that has to perform maintenance or repairs on the machinery.
Bodywork Damage – Bird poop on the bodywork of cars can be a major hassle if left untreated for too long. Not only will it harden onto the metalwork which makes it more difficult to remove, the acid can eat away at the protective layers of paint and gradually erode the colour, leaving a permanent mark afterwards.
Scratches on Glass – Hardened types of bird mess can be difficult to remove from glazed areas too. There’s always a risk of scratching the glass if you try to scrub the mess away, so they need to be softened as much as possible by using plenty of water during the removal process.
Of course, one of the best ways to prevent damage caused by bird droppings is to remove it as quickly as possible from all areas. If you want an effective seagull mess remover, get in touch with us here at H&G Promotions Ltd and we can supply this to you. All you have to do is contact us today or call us on 01299 288374.