Although we’re coming to the end of February there’s still no sign of winter releasing its icy grip, and there’s more bad news on the way as the weather forecasters are now telling us we should expect a polar vortex this week. It’s been freezing, but jobs around the house still have to be done, and window cleaning is one of those tasks that have to be completed, no matter how chilly the weather is outside. Be prepared for this and it doesn’t have to be as daunting as you might think. We suggest you do the following here at H&G Promotions Ltd.
Get everything ready so you are fully prepared – Before you start cleaning make sure you have all the supplies you need to successfully clean the windows so you can minimise the time you spend doing this. Use a window cleaning system and this will make the job quick and easy – you’ll be finished before you know it, and even the top windows of your house will be left sparkling afterwards. Complete window cleaning systems ensure you are fully prepared no matter how many windows you are going to clean, and they come with basic essentials such as squeegees, sponges as well as revolutionary items like the porcupine, which removes the toughest dirt using a soft head for flawless results.
Wrap up warm – Get dressed for the occasion by wearing comfortable clothing that will keep you warm as you wash the windows. Layer up with clothing and this way if you become too hot as you vigorously work your way around the windows and the conservatory glazing at your home, you can simply remove a layer and tailor the clothing to suit how you feel. You might want to wear a warm hat if it’s really freezing outside, whilst sturdy boots with plenty of grip will be useful as the flooring around your property might be slippery.
Use tepid water – Glazing can react to sudden changes in temperature, therefore, avoid using hot water to clean windows on really cold days as the initial shock could, in theory, cause the glazing to crack. That being the case, fill a bucket with water that’s served at room temperature and it will still clean the windows effectively without you having to worry about the glazing cracking or shattering.
Try a super concentrate detergent – Cleaning windows in cold weather can be a miserable experience, so you want to do this as quickly and successfully as you can in one go if possible, to avoid having to repeat the process. The best way to guarantee this will happen is to use a super concentrate detergent for streak-free results with less hassle and no fuss.
Whilst window cleaning in the winter isn’t exactly fun, you can still achieve brilliant results and keep your home looking tidy and clean no matter how cold the weather is outside. Be brave and make sure you are fully prepared with window washing equipment from us here at H&G Promotions Limited. For more details, please contact us today or call for a friendly chat on 01299 288375